6 ways to send the right signals with your website 7

It’s time for entrepreneurs to lift their game when it comes to website design and maintenance strategies, says Palo Alto Software UK General Manager Alan Gleeson. With countless options competing for Web surfers attention and more savvy users, the bar has been set a lot higher in terms of Web design and content, and if you don’t adapt quickly, your online sales and will suffer. Sites that don’t adapt, Gleeson writes at The Kernel:

“…will struggle to keep visitors long enough for them to engage with the content, never mind to convert. Today’s visitor has much higher expectations, while they are also keeping a much closer eye on the purse strings.

In the article, Gleeson gives some killer tips about these common website areas and issues:

  • About Us pages
  • Providing contact information
  • Blogs and links to social media channels
  • Up-to-date design
  • Shopping carts
  • Showing endorsements from real people

Read the full article, Send the Right Signal, at TheKernel.com

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  • Sheila Washington

    I teach a workshop “Owning Your Own Business: The nuts& bolts of getting started, every Tuesday at Queens Library, Jamaica, Queens NY. I have been following and referencing your bplan.com for several years. I do like your new addition, Live bplan and the change in pricing. Now that you have Live bplan it seems a good time to use it regular basis. Do you have a teaching package that I may use. One of my student is a member of Livebplan. Do you have any representative in NYC? Thanks. I look forward to working with you.
    Sheila Washington
    Small Business Developer (a project)
    Queens Library
    Jamaica, Queens, NY

    • Jay Snider

      Hi Sheila, thanks for your feedback and interest in LivePlan. We do have packages we can put together for you. I’ve forwarded your message to a colleague for follow up.

  • http://www.librafunding.co.za HANSIE

    Hi Jay, I am a Small Business Consultant in SA and helping entrepreneurs with a variety of activities i.e. business profiles, business plans, marketing plans etc. I therefore provide a service and not selling products. I also did my own website recently, trying to attract more visitors. Any ideas how I can improve my site and the traffic to my site and thereby generate more business?

    • Jay Snider

      Hi Hansi,
      Here’s a link to all the Sales and Marketing related posts on Up and Running. You should find some useful stuff there. You also might want to check out Sales and Marketing Pro, which not only helps you write your marketing plans, but includes tons of resources to help with online marketing and search engine optimization.

  • http://www.alliancelandcare.com Mike

    Any tips for a starter company with not much competitors with online presence?

  • http://installedbuildingproducts.com/ Home Insulation

    Blogs and links are mentioned in here, and while we have links to social media channels, we don’t have a blog. Would you say blogging is truly worth it, especially if time isn’t on our side? We aren’t sure what to think about adding a blog to the site!

    • Jay Snider

      A blog can be a great way to drive visitors to your site. But you can’t just throw one up and expect it to bring in traffic. Check out Copyblogger for excellent tips and resources to figure out how make blogging and content creation work for you.