Carolyn Higgins

Carolyn Higgins is the President and founder of Fortune Marketing Company. Her personal mission is to help small businesses stop wasting money on advertising and promotions that don’t deliver and help you implement an effective marketing system that will bring you more customers – consistently. You can follow her on Google+.

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Recent Articles Published by Carolyn Higgins


Want a Successful Small Business? Forget Instant Gratification!

Here is a paraphrased summary of three different conversations I had with business owners this week: Business Owner (B.O.): “Marketing doesn’t work, I tried it.” Me: “Really? Tell me more about that.” B.O.: “I sent out a bunch of post cards and didn’t get a single response!” Me: “Hmmm.. A ‘bunch’ you say? How many... Read more »


How to Lose a Customer in 2 Seconds or Less

We all know that calls out of the blue, from complete strangers saying, “Hey, I want to hire you!” are rare.  Unfortunately, leads don’t just fall out of the sky like that. So  then imagine my excitement when I get a voice mail from a man who says he’s, ”just right up the street in... Read more »


Speaking for Leads: Your Audience Doesn’t Care About You!

How many presentations have you sat through where the first words out of the presenter’s mouth were something like this “My name is Susie Sales Lady and I have been selling lemonade for 10 years. I started my lemonade business because when I was 6 years old I had a lemonade stand and I am absolutely... Read more »


What Every Small Business Needs to Know About SPAM

It’s not just reindeer hooves and puppy noses anymore… Ok that’s not REALLY what SPAM is made out of… or is it??? Anyway, we’re really talking about a completely different type of SPAM. The one NOT made of deer hooves and puppy noses, but just as  mysterious. The subject came up recently in one of my... Read more »


Does Your Advertising Make You Look Cheap?

I opened up the bright blue Val-Pack envelope this morning like I sometimes do, more out of a marketer’s curiosity than anything else.  I don’t use coupons; it’s too much of a hassle for me to save a few bucks.  But I do leaf through the coupons just to see who’s advertising, what they’re advertising,... Read more »


7 Signs Your Business is in a Marketing Rut

It’s so easy to get stuck, isn’t it? We go about our lives, doing our work, pretty much on auto-pilot, and before we know it we’re stuck. Nothing is growing or changing or progressing; we’ve just been doing the same things day in and day out for weeks, months, and even years hoping that miraculously... Read more »


Are More Facebook Likes Better for Business?

Recently a client asked what I thought about the businesses on Facebook who seem to be obsessed with boosting the number of “likes” of their business page… and here’s my two-cents: Boosting your numbers and trying to prove how popular you are is just like old-school “blast and pray” advertising. You blast as much “stuff”... Read more »


21 Reasons You’ll Fail at Marketing

I don’t know what it is about Marketing, but everyone on earth seems to think they can do it. And yet I see so many people NOT doing it or wasting thousands of dollars and not getting results.  I see business owners try the same things over and over,  wasting more money, more time, and... Read more »


Forget Resolutions: 7 Business Things You DON’T Have to Do in 2012

Call me a rebel… or  a Scrooge… or a Grinch if you must, but I am so happy all this holiday nonsense is finally over.  And as I sit here trying to come up with a blog for the new year, the word “resolution” keeps popping into my head and I absolutely REFUSE to give... Read more »


Is Your Small Business Competing With SPAM?

We’re all familiar with the “who-actually-falls-for-this-stuff” SPAM and we all know its complete bogus. For example: RE: I await to hear from you urgently Please I am seeking for your help (sic) From Google: Google winning notification Or the ones that actually warn you they’re SPAM in the subject line, what is up with that?... Read more »