Michael Kerr

Michael Kerr began his professional life as an entrepreneur. He built and managed a number of successful businesses before returning to school to indulge his passion for writing.

An award-winning writer, Michael's work has appeared thousands of times in dozens of publications, including Portland Business Journal, USA Today and the Houston Chronicle.

He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Recent Articles Published by Michael Kerr


How to Write a Market Analysis

The market analysis is one of the most important parts of any startup strategy. Do it right, and you will have a clear idea of the path down which you are headed. A good market analysis will enable you to lure investors, sidestep pitfalls, and most importantly, attract customers. Bear in mind that all businesses... Read more »


6 Tips for Coming Up With Your Million-Dollar Business Idea

When I was a kid, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was going to be the next Boris Vallejo! (You know, the famous fantasy and sci-fi artist who always painted ripped, shirtless men and buxom, bikini-clad women atop flying dragons and Pegasuses… Yeah, I wanted to be him.)... Read more »


The 5 Types of Employees You’ll Find on Your Startup Journey (and How to Manage Them)

Several years ago, when I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, a friend introduced me to a concept he called “Serengeti Management.” His premise was that, as a new employer, I was going to have to deal with any number of different personalities, each represented by a creature you might find roaming the plains... Read more »


The 4 Biggest Business Mistakes of All Time (and What You Can Learn From Them)

When I was starting out in business I was naïve. Strike that—I was clueless. In fact, I knew less than nothing about running a business, and I didn’t even know that. Back then, in my 20s, I dove headfirst into everything I did, arms and legs flailing. I was all heart and no homework. I... Read more »


What is Target Marketing?

If you build it, they will come. That’s what I believed, when I was first starting out. I assumed that if I opened a business, customers would just show up—no major marketing effort required. Other entrepreneurs take the complete opposite approach, and treat marketing as if it’s the 1916 Battle of the Somme: they throw... Read more »