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6 Tried and Tested Strategies to Attract Customers to Your Restaurant

Whether you're still planning your restaurant or you've already started it, there are a number of strategies you can implement to increase your profit margins. From the tried-and-tested to the creative, these are restaurant hacks that work!

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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Employee

You’ve decided that it’s time to hire your first employee—or maybe multiple employees. But what kind of employee fits your business needs?

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How to Get Buy-In for Your Brand

Follow these tips to build brand loyalty, and create a brand with "buy-in" from both customers and team members.

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Find Underused Keywords, and Searchers Will Find Your Brand

Every day there are literally billions of online searches, many that have never been performed before. Follow these SEO tips and you'll have a chance of standing out from the crowd.

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The Future of Business Is Mobile—Your Small Business Needs to Adapt or Fall Behind

More than half of all digital media is now consumed on a mobile device, which means your business needs to have a mobile strategy.

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Banners, Signs, and More: Our Top Picks for Offline Marketing Materials

Sometimes we forget about the impact that offline, physical marketing materials still have on the success of a business. We've compiled a list of some great resources that will help you get started creating great marketing materials.

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Marketing to Women: From “Shrink It and Pink It” to Female Empowerment

In a shift from “shrink it and pink it” to female empowerment, even major sports league advertisers are targeting the female market.

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How to Choose an Accountant for Your Business

Not hiring an accountant can often be an expensive mistake. A good accountant can provide expert advice and information, help you to grow your business, prevent your from running afoul of the IRS, and save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

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