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Even Branding Should Be Agile: An Interview With Base Creative’s Matthew Kinsman

An agile strategy is all about brand flexibility. Find out how to implement agility into your small business branding with Base Creative's Matthew Kinsman.

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9 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business

Don't just sit back and wait for new clients to come to you. Creating a marketing plan for your real estate business will help put you on the map, and make your business more successful.

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How to Prevent Online Fraud in Your Small Business

Nowadays, accepting credit cards is a small business necessity. But, there are inherent risks when it comes to online payments. Do you know how to prevent fraud and keep your business safe?

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The 4 Keys to Building Brand Loyalty with Millennials

Marketing to Millennials shouldn't be any different than marketing in general, right? Actually, that's wrong. Here's how to create a marketing strategy that authentically appeals to the Millennial audience and builds brand loyalty.

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10 Ways to Make Sure You Get Work Done in Your Home Office

Working from home can be wonderfully flexible, but it can also spell productivity disaster. How can home-based entrepreneurs keep from falling prey to distraction? Here are 10 strategies.

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What Is a Merchant Cash Advance, and Should You Get One?

Don't let your business get caught without cash. We'll walk you through the entire merchant cash advance process, and go over everything from eligibility requirements to common pitfalls.

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8 Essential Resources If You’re in the Construction Industry

If you've recently started a construction company, it's important to keep up on your industry and set your new business up for success. These resources will help you do just that.

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Strategies to Increase Your Construction Business Revenue

A construction business isn't a guaranteed money-maker. Now that you've successfully launched your business, it's time to strategize. Here are our top tactics to bring in revenue.

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