Managing a Business

3 Tools That Will Turn You into a Designer

You'll still have to hire the big-gun designers for major initiatives (totally worth it), but you can get far with these simple design tools on your own.

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Managing Risk and Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain

As a new startup, you’re likely well aware of how inventory costs money and how those costs can quickly add up the longer you go without orders. However, did you also know that it costs your company money when you encounter zero inventory counts? In fact, in many cases, the costs of not having products...

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When It Comes to Running a Business, Here Are 12 Things Entrepreneurs Say Are Invaluable

What’s your thing? You know—that thing that helps you be at your best. We asked 12 entrepreneurs for theirs, so you can try them out.

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How to Hire Your First Employee

Eventually, all successful businesses take on employees—and that’s when the fun really begins. But to get there, you have to interview, hire, and train.

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How and Why to Collect Customer Email Addresses

Are you collecting customer contact information? Being able to connect with your customers can be extremely beneficial to your new business, especially if you’re keeping a master email list.

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The 5 Scariest People to Work With (Plus: The 3 BEST People to Work With)

The Vampire, the Ghost, the Zombie—under no circumstances should you put yourself in a work environment with these terrifying monsters.

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How Should You Handle Unhappy Customers?

The old adage says “you can’t please everyone.” However, when it comes to customer complaints, this is often one time you should try to set things right.

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6 Simple Tricks to Avoid Late-Paying Customers

Small businesses need to put an end to late-paying customers, to regain control over their cash and their financial wellbeing. Start preventing delinquent accounts today by following these six simple tricks.

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