Set Tactics to Execute Strategy

by Tim Berry

It happens all the time. You take your team away from the routine for a few hours, brainstorm, and develop a brilliant new strategy. And when you all get back into the routine, the routine wins and strategy loses. Nothing changes. The strategy was brilliant on the whiteboard, but never got to the real world.... Read more »


7 Ways to Turn Unpaid Client Bills Into Cash

by Chinwe Onyeagoro

Small businesses often find themselves in cash flow crunches that could easily be solved if only clients would pay their bills faster. Fortunately, there are many ways to work around this problem. Here are seven ways you can turn unpaid client bills into cash when those receivables simply aren’t being paid quickly enough to meet... Read more »


Lara Galloway’s Time Management Tips and Productivity Hacks [VIDEO]

by Jonathan Michael

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a free Bplans webinar with Lara Galloway, a business coach and time management expert. In the webinar, Lara offered some excellent time management tips and productivity hacks. She also answered several audience questions, which I’m sure you will find useful for your own situation at home or at work. Lara... Read more »


What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Personal Credit

by Ty Kiisel

For virtually every small business owner in the U.S., the importance of a good personal credit score when seeking a business loan can’t be underestimated. While it might feel counter-intuitive to be talking about your personal credit score when addressing a business credit need, a low personal score has been responsible for the undoing of... Read more »

It can definitely be a balancing act.

Manage Your Clients’ Expectations in 3 Easy Steps

by Daniel Faris

Managing expectations is an aspect of business that is often overlooked while establishing client relationships. When clients are not briefed at the outset, or request changes further down the line, there is a tendency to over-commit and take on more work than is really feasible. When consultants, designers, and developers do this, they may be... Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.56.25 PM

7 Things You Need to Remember About Workplace Safety

by Katrina Otuonye

The grand opening to your business is an exciting time—and a lot of work. You might have the sign on the door and the keys for your locks, but you’re not finished. Personal responsibility is essential for any new business. Displaying products and hiring employees are the last steps in setting up shop. You probably... Read more »


Instead of Finding a Scapegoat, Take Responsibility for Your Employees

by Amy Klimek

All too often in the business world, it’s all about finding the scapegoat. Something goes wrong and everyone immediately wastes precious time and resources trying to pin the blame on someone else. Unfortunately, this type of mindset clouds us from truly assessing situations without bias, often resulting in false answers that get us nowhere. This... Read more »

Because this isn't going to cut it.

15 Tips for Dealing with a Client Who Won’t Pay

by Scott Gerber

You aren’t the IRS, but sometimes collecting money becomes an entrepreneur’s job. That’s why we asked 15 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what steps they take before going to a collections agency for customers who just won’t pay up. 1. Call daily I had this issue with a deadbeat client. I called them daily and... Read more »


Offering Health Insurance? Questions Small Businesses Should Ask

by Marc Prosser

Unlike businesses with 50 or more employees, the Affordable Care Act does not require small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees. Still, you might consider adding a health benefits package to keep your employees happy, healthy, and dedicated to their jobs. Here are five questions you should ask to determine if health benefits are right... Read more »


Why Meeting Face-to-face Will Never Go out of Style

by Reed Parker

When MeCam set up manufacturing operations in Taiwan, CEO Drew Martin had never been there and had never met the people in charge of the operation face-to-face. Martin would communicate with his manufacturers over email, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Martin explained that his initial feelings about this arrangement were optimistic: “When people asked how many... Read more »


Time Management Tips and Productivity Hacks for Successful Entrepreneurs [Free Webinar]

by Jonathan Michael

Time is a lot like money, with one important difference. While we can choose to save or spend both of them, we just can’t make more time. What would you do if you had more time? How would you spend it? How can the way you spend your time make you a happier, more successful... Read more »


10 CEOs Who Made Huge Mistakes

by Will Bridges

It’s true that no one is perfect, and this shows itself in the business world as much as it does anywhere else. While entrepreneurs strive to do their best, mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. However, we small business owners can take some comfort in the fact that we’re not at the helm of a massive corporation... Read more »


How Small Businesses Can Effectively Use the Sharing Economy

by Andrew Chapados

Millennials are now filling up the job market and with them has come a different mindset—sharing, caring, and a low level of commitment is trending in Western cultures. While this seems troubling for larger corporations who are looking to keep their payroll stocked with dedicated, lifelong employees, there exists a benefit for smaller, low-staffed companies who... Read more »


10 Ways to Help Your Team Prioritize Their Customer Service Efforts

by Scott Gerber

Let’s face it: You can’t please everyone all the time. It’s important that your employees understands the difference between helping out a happy customer and spinning their wheels with an angry one. That’s why we asked 10 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) how best to focus your team’s efforts in the right direction when it... Read more »


The Complete Guide to Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Find New Customers

by Lisa Furgison

Small businesses thrive on fresh leads. If you’re not constantly working to grow your customer base, your business will start to decline. Savvy entrepreneurs use a variety of lead-generating ideas to keep new prospects coming in. One of those tools should be Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. This online advertising tools can generate a list of... Read more »


Influence and Leadership: How Sales Can Make You a Better Leader

by Jeffrey Charles

Being an entrepreneur is a pursuit that can have tremendous rewards for those with the gumption to pursue it. Starting and growing your own enterprise requires patience, tenacity, and creativity. When you transition from working for others to building your own business, there are new challenges that you will face. One of these is learning... Read more »

They think it's great, though.

Help! My Parents Are the Only Ones Reading My Business Blog

by Lisa Furgison

Finding affordable ways to market your new business is tough, but if you’ve done some research, “a blog” has probably come up as a possible tool. Statistics show that blogs are powerful to consumers. According to online marketing business LocalVox, small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads than businesses without a blog. That’s a pretty impressive... Read more »


9 Tips for Making Your Offline Advertisements Super Effective

by Scott Gerber

Sure, customers may click on ads when they’re all over their browser windows, but in the age of digital, how can you make sure that your offline campaigns are gaining as much traction? To find out, we asked nine entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what strategies have worked best. 1. Include a call to action... Read more »


Expert Robbie Kellman Baxter Reveals How to Generate Recurring Revenue and Grow Your Business (+ GIVEAWAY)

by Angelique O'Rourke

Growing a company, generating recurring revenue, and creating loyal customers is no mean feat, regardless of your budget, or the number of employees at your disposal. Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of “The Membership Economy,” has discovered one way to do this, and that’s by becoming a “membership company.” For most people, the word “membership” implies involvement... Read more »


The 8 Most Common Small Business Accounting Mistakes

by Ivan Lavelle

Thanks to the huge range of accounting applications available for today’s small and medium-sized businesses, it’s easier than ever to keep an accurate record of where your business’s money is going. While accounting software has made bookkeeping and accounting easier for small businesses, it’s also made errors and accounting mistakes—from incorrectly categorizing a transaction to... Read more »