Okay, having a funny chef statue isn't on the list.

18 Affordable Marketing Tactics Restaurants Can Use to Bring in More Customers

by Lisa Furgison

The restaurant business will see an uptick in sales this year—according to the National Restaurant Association, sales are expected to hit $709.2 billion in 2015. The report indicates that the recovering economy is making it easier for people to eat out more frequently. To make sure some of that newly flowing cash comes into your restaurant,... Read more »

Large windows and lots of natural light can increase both morale and productivity.

How to Create a Productive Office Space

by Louise Dickens

A recent analysis from the World Green Building Council concluded that there is “overwhelming evidence” linking office design with productivity and wellness. But that’s nothing new, right? There has long been evidence to suggest that this is the case. We all know that our productivity levels drop when we feel uncomfortable—whether it’s the temperature, the... Read more »


3 Strategies to Inspire Your Social Media Marketing

by Nick Rojas

Social media has become one of the most important outreach and marketing channels available to brands, which in turn means that it’s important to have a social media strategy as a core part of your overall marketing plan. Social media channels offer businesses a cost-effective way to promote their companies, to increase brand awareness, and... Read more »


How to Manage Labor Costs for Your New Restaurant

by Ezra Adler

Whether you’re about to open a restaurant or have been running your place for a few months already, there’s no doubt that the process will be expensive. Alongside food and beverages, labor is one of the most costly factors in the equation, but cutting wages isn’t the answer. While you have a limited budget, you... Read more »


The 7 Key Metrics Every Business Owner Should Monitor

by Candice Landau

Did you know that 28% of businesses fail due to problems with the financial structure of the company? This includes keeping poor accounting records. If you don’t understand your key financial metrics, you have no way of monitoring your business’s health—and you risk mingling assets, incurring penalties for filing taxes late, overlooking expenses, and running... Read more »


How to Use Google and Facebook for Customer Segmentation

by John Philips

What is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation allows businesses to target specific groups of people so that they can reduce risks and sensibly allocate their marketing resources. It is a grouping together of your customers based on demographics, behavior, and so on. The creation of user personas can aid marketing activities, allowing you to appeal to... Read more »

You can set the perfect tone right from your own office.

A Nonprofit’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

by Lisa Furgison

When it comes to marketing, nonprofits have a few things in common. First and foremost, every nonprofit relies on marketing efforts to attract donors and volunteers. Every nonprofit, no matter how well staffed, could use more marketing resources. And, last but not least, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish every task... Read more »


5 Benefits of Linking Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

by Susan Mravca

File this one under “Duh!” Job descriptions are at the root of great employee management. Build a valid description and you’ve aced HR 101. To an experienced HR practitioner, this seems wholly intuitive: Job descriptions have the power to inspire positive employee engagement and solve a wide range of employee problems, even before they arise.... Read more »


Free Invoice Templates You Can Use Right Now

by Angelique O'Rourke

If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, chances are you’re familiar with how time-consuming the invoicing process can be. If you want to get paid, invoicing is not something you can set aside. The real question is, how can you do it faster? And, how can you do it more affordably, without having to turn to... Read more »


When and How to Outsource Your Payroll

by Shrad Rao

One of the most important aspects of running a business is managing payroll—from the minute your first employee (even you!) starts working, you need a payroll system. But small businesses often lack the adequate resources, time, and money to handle payroll in-house. You need to spend all your time doing what you do best and... Read more »


Want Your Team Engaged? Then Lead Them

by Chris Ruisi

It is a known fact that an effective leader is only as good as the team they assemble (recruit and select), develop (properly train) and lead (set expectations and goals). If the leader is not effective, then it stands to reason that the team will not perform well on a consistent basis. If the leader... Read more »


4 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Marketing Heavyweight

by Kaitlyn Borysiewicz

Your company is in the ring. There are 12 seconds left in the last round. Will your digital brand take the knockout throw, or will it crumple on the mat? That really depends on one major thing: your company’s website. As more and more people consume online content, the importance of standing out from your... Read more »


Customer Loyalty 101: How to Get Consumers to Do What You Want

by Katherine Halek

Have you ever been in awe of brands that seem to have mastered the art of “customer whispering,” frequently getting casual onlookers to buy on the spot? Much of this comes from consumer attraction techniques that anyone can learn and apply easily. Follow us as we demystify conversion and customer retention with the help of... Read more »


Will Having a Positive Attitude Really Help Me Be More Successful in Business?

by Arlene Soto

Many scholars and researchers have studied the benefits of having a positive attitude. Athletes focus on winning as well as skill development. Optimism leads to more creative thinking and the energy to accomplish goals. A positive attitude reduces stress and leads to better health according to the Mayo Clinic. Operating a business successfully requires energy, health and creativity as well as many other skills and resources so a positive attitude is an asset that can benefit any business. Read more »


4 Easy Steps to Increase Your Business’s Online Security

by Marc Prosser

Cyber theft is no longer just a big-business problem, and the conversation concerning cyber security can be confusing and complex. The important question really is: What can you do to protect your business from cyber threats? Here are four easy steps you can take to make your business more secure and protect your customers’ sensitive... Read more »

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, image via

The Biggest Business Fails of 2014 and How to Avoid Them

by Angelique O'Rourke

Every year, a few businesses make bad decisions or mistakes publicly. Sometimes they recover quickly and no one notices. Other times, the blunders are nothing short of newsworthy. We’ve gathered up some of the worst fails of 2014 and included some helpful tips on how to avoid them yourself. Walmart asks its employees to purchase... Read more »


15 Surprising Perks Employees Love

by Scott Gerber

A happy team leads to a good product, so keeping your employees positive should make the top of your to-do list. Below, 15 founders from Young Entrepreneur Council share the surprising perks your employees might really care about. 1. Lunch I never realized how much our employees loved and appreciated lunch until we skipped it for a... Read more »


9 Ways to Thank Your Favorite Customers

by Scott Gerber

It’s that time again—when we thank our customers for their business this past year and encourage them to stick with us throughout the next. But how can we do this in a more personal, human way than automated thank you emails? Nine entrepreneurs from YEC share their simple but effective ways to show appreciation for their... Read more »

2015 is coming, and you've got plans for your business.

Business Owners Share Their 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

by Angelique O'Rourke

It’s that time of year again—you’ve no doubt been spending time on vacation and with your loved ones, and now it’s a new year and you’re getting back into the swing of things. Of course, being an entrepreneur, you’re also doing some reflection. How did 2014 go for you? The start of the year is... Read more »


How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving into Work

by Angelique O'Rourke

With the holiday season in full swing, you might be looking for some creative ways to liven up old traditions in your office. Maybe your office needs a fresh way to bring the giving spirit of the season into your typical holiday activities. Here are some simple things your company can do to foster a... Read more »