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9 Creative Ways to Finance a New Product-Based Business

by Scott Gerber

When launching a new product, getting the right funding is key. But other than traditional sources, like loans, venture capital, and angel investments, how can you get the cash you need to grow? Some people would say, “Easy—crowdfunding.” But that’s just the tip of the creativity iceberg. We asked nine company founders the following question: What is one creative... Read more »

How to Figure Out the Amount of Investment Money Your Business Needs

How to Gauge The Amount of Startup Cash You Need

by Lisa Furgison

Learn how to gauge the amount of startup cash you need from an experienced entrepreneur. Read more »

Ryan Ausanka-Crues, the CEO of Palomino Labs, talks about what went wrong with his Kickstarter campaign.

Lessons Learned: Why My Kickstarter Campaign Failed

by Lisa Furgison

Plan to do some fundraising on Kickstarter? Hear what tanked one entrepreneur's campaign before you set up a fundraising page. Read more »

How to Get a Business Loan

How to Secure a Business Loan: Tips From a Banking Executive

by Lisa Furgison

If you need to secure a loan for your business, you'll want to be prepared. Check out these tips from the head of business banking at Fifth Third Bank. Read more »

4 Things That Will Scare Investors Away

Looking for Money? These 4 Things Will Scare Investors Away

by Lisa Furgison

Whether you’re trying to borrow money from a colleague or land the financial backing of a venture capitalist, there are certain traits that can scare even the hardiest of investors away. Finding startup funds may be one of the toughest things you’ll do as an entrepreneur, so if you have an interested investor you should... Read more »

How to Get a Small Business Grant

Small Business Grants: The Facts and The Fiction

by Caron Beesley

Here’s what you need to know about government grants for small businesses, who is eligible to receive them, and how to go about getting them. Read more »

Persistence Is Key

How Persistence Won Me The Business Grants I Needed

by Allison Berliner

"Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, we took the $1,000 check. The only problem was that we needed more: We’d already committed $2,000 to local boutiques." Read more »

Rejected - Why You Won't Get Financing

REJECTED: 5 Reasons You Won’t Get Financed

by Andrea Vedder

Access to capital is vital for any entrepreneur's success, but many entrepreneurs' applications for financing are rejected. Why? Probably for one of these five reasons. Read more »

A pitch is like reading a children's book. The illustrations support an engaging story.

What My Startup Accelerator Taught Me About Pitching

by Ely Greenberg

The culmination of an entrepreneurship accelerator is the opportunity to pitch investors on your business. After my business partners and I spent eight weeks in a startup accelerator at the JFE Network, we got the chance to show off Credential Cabinet to a room full of attentive investors. Pitching was a great experience. We told... Read more »

Bad Investments

The Top 3 Worst Investments For Startups

by Lisa Furgison

Learn about three investments that you don't want to make as a new business owner. Read more »