A Starter Guide to Project Agreements

A Starter Guide to Project Agreements

by Kelly Gurnett

Get everything in writing. It’s a mantra I followed often in my former job as a paralegal, and it’s one that’s been essential to my success as a freelance writer and editor. If there’s one big mistake that new entrepreneurs make (apart from not charging enough for their services), it’s failing to get a formal,... Read more »

Elizabeth Saunders

13 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers Today

by Scott Gerber

From handwritten notes to just-baked cookies, a simple gesture can go a long way toward shoring up customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace. Even just a quick phone call can do more to earn your customers’ long-term trust than any coupon or discount code—really. To find out which methods have been most effective for my... Read more »


Could This Be You, Insulting Your Customer?

by Tim Berry

A reminder of the strange, wondrous, sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous, but pretty much unavoidable mix of human interaction, human thinking, and automation. Read more »

Money Tree

3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014

by Deborah Sweeney

There's no better time than the New Year to commit to small changes in your life or in your business, so here are my three tips for re-focusing your energy and growing your business in 2014. Read more »

Male customer complaining about his food

What Can I Learn From an Angry Customer?

by Heather Legg

It’s going to happen. If you own a small business, you are inevitably going to have an angry customer. And when it happens, you'd better know what to do. Read more »

Woman Rating Customer Service on Tablet

Tips for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

by Palo Alto Software

Although metrics are just measurements and they can't give the specific feedback from customers, they visually help the team get a perspective on our level of success in keeping our customers happy. Read more »

Customer service woman on headset gives OK

4 Tips to Go Above and Beyond With Customer Service

by Emily Green

Today's consumers expect great customer service and if they don't find it, they'll spend their money elsewhere. What can you do to go above and beyond to ensure customers not only buy from you, but also recommend your business? Read more »

Unhappy Employee At Fast Food Restaurant

Sometimes The Customer Isn’t Right

by Andrea Vedder

Making customers happy is great for business, and so most managers don't think beyond the basic tenet of customer service that "the customer is always right." Which is great, except for the times when the customer is wrong. Read more »


7 Creative Ways to Engage With Your Customers Online

by Shay Wright

Online marketing has evolved. People don't want sales pitches. Learn some effective ways to actually interact and engage with your customers online. Read more »

fans customer evalgelists

Slam Dunk Tips for Attracting and Keeping Fans

by Caroline Cummings

Everyone knows the value of word of mouth marketing. It’s a concept as old as dirt, but not something most businesses know how to embrace. The “social web” is a great avenue to allow the people that know and love you (aka, your “Fans”) to promote your business in a fun way. Fans are basically customer evangelists.... Read more »