#TrackThis Episode 3: The Lean Startup

by Sabrina Parsons

  Have you ever heard of the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries? It’s an incredible guide to rethinking how you develop your business, whether you’re just starting out or launching a new product or into a new market. And usually, when people are talking about this book, they’re talking about it like it... Read more »


#TrackThis Episode 2: Industry Benchmarks

by Sabrina Parsons

You know you need to project a sales forecast, and create a budget, and then compare your actual revenue and expenses to what you guessed you’d make, and what you hoped you’d spend. But what about comparing your business’s performance to other, similar businesses, and how they did last month, or last year, or last quarter?... Read more »

Get in Shape

Get Your Business in Shape in 2014

by Caroline Cummings

It's pretty funny, actually, how well weight loss and fitness advice translates to managing a business and "trimming the fat" out of your company's operations budget. Read more »


What Should You Be Tracking in Your Business? CEOs Tell All

by Andrea Vedder

Every business owner knows they need to look at sales and costs to help determine their success. But what else should you be tracking in your business? Read more »

Analytics overview

The 6 Most Important Web Metrics to Track for Your Business Website

by Noah Parsons

Web analytics and metrics can be overwhelming. The key to avoid drowning in the sea of numbers is to start with six key metrics for measuring how your website is doing. Read more »

Woman Analyzing Metrics on Tablet

The Top 10 Tools for Tracking Your Web Metrics

by Noah Parsons

Trying to sift through all the data your site is generating can be a frustrating and confusing process. Thankfully, there are great tools (both free and paid) that can help you get a better understanding of what your users are doing on your site and even how your competitors are faring in their own online efforts. Read more »

Woman Rating Customer Service on Tablet

Tips for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

by Palo Alto Software

Although metrics are just measurements and they can't give the specific feedback from customers, they visually help the team get a perspective on our level of success in keeping our customers happy. Read more »

Man Choosing Between Two Roads

5 Tips for Selecting Business Accounting Software

by Michael Pendred

Many businesses don't do the proper due diligence when choosing accounting software. We've got 5 essential tips to help you make the right choice. Read more »

last month financial performance

Your financial health snapshot: the key metrics you need

by Dave Cannon

Imagine piloting an airplane: you taxi to the runway, prepare for takeoff, and as you’re rapidly speeding up to get airborne you notice a construction crew frantically working to build out the rest of the runway. This just about sums up the financial stress of being an entrepreneur. While a certain amount of discomfort is just part of the lifestyle, being able to answer these key questions should help you sleep soundly at night. Read more »


Growth Recipe: Track, React, Repeat until Done.

by Tim Berry

So here’s an interesting quote: Growth is at least as much discipline and execution as creativity. That’s from Mike Greenfield, in Six Steps to Growth: What I Learned as 500 Startups’ Growth Hacker In Residence, on Numerate Choir. Interesting concept. It should be obvious. But there it is, standing out, and worth stopping and quoting, precisely... Read more »