What Happened in October? A Small Business News Roundup

Bringing you the latest on small business news and more—this month we've got small business lending on the rise, SEO tips, and the meaning of "disruptive" in tech.

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Bplans Briefcase: Business Stories to Keep You in the Know

Where can Syrian entrepreneurs find startup funding? What U.S. industry is becoming more pet-friendly? Here are interesting news stories about innovative small businesses, surprising PR choices, and a business competition opportunity in the Middle East. Penda improves health care in Kenya Why they made headlines: The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is becoming known as a...

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It’s Not All Progress in the World of Business—Although We’re Making Strides

Which venture capitalist thinks that middle-income workers aren’t making enough overtime? What recent Supreme Court decision could affect your manufacturing business? From a summit on media in the Middle East to a huge new funding opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, here are fascinating business news stories from the U.S. and around the world. The...

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The Latest Business News to Help You Plan for the Future

Every week we select some of the more interesting news stories. The ones we pick are aimed not only to keep you abreast of what is happening in the world, but that will hopefully give you inspiration and ideas that you can use to start, run or manage a better business. And of course, that...

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10 Entertaining Things to Check out While You’re Waiting in Line Today

Good morning and Happy Black Friday! Another year, another Thanksgiving, followed by today – Black Friday – a major holiday shopping event in the United States (and outside of it), with most retailers featuring big discounts, crazy opening hours, and special offers through out the holiday weekend. Last year, Thanksgiving weekend saw 54.7 billion in retail sales...

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Here’s to You, Women in Business

If you’re an active part of your city or town’s community, you may have noticed a sudden spike in the number of activities and events relating to business and entrepreneurship. That’s because we’re now in the midst of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW); a week wholly dedicated to inspiring people to unleash their ideas and take the...

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The Billion Dollar Fashion Week [Slideshare]

If you follow fashion, you’ll know that we’re in the middle of the season and that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York was last week (we’re in full swing in London now). If you’re interested in the economics of New York City, you probably knew that too. Why is fashion week so high profile to...

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Should You Serve Fair Trade Coffee?

For many consumers and small business owners in the U.S. and western Europe, the knowledge that the people producing their coffee were usually struggling from poverty, in rural areas, and vulnerable to exploitative practices by powerful middlemen who gave them prices far below market value, is disturbing. People in the western world wondered, is there...

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