A pitch is like reading a children's book. The illustrations support an engaging story.

What My Startup Accelerator Taught Me About Pitching

by Ely Greenberg

The culmination of an entrepreneurship accelerator is the opportunity to pitch investors on your business. After my business partners and I spent eight weeks in a startup accelerator at the JFE Network, we got the chance to show off Credential Cabinet to a room full of attentive investors. Pitching was a great experience. We told... Read more »

The Time Is Now

How I Set My Pitch Apart and Won a Pitch Competition

by Allison Berliner

The competition itself forced us to move from the business planning stage to the real world, and in the process we learned what makes for a compelling pitch. Read more »

Competition Matrix

9 Things That Take a Pitch From Good to Great

by Caroline Cummings

When I think about what set the excellent pitches I've seen apart from the rest, it turns out that they all shared some of the same qualities. Read more »

Shark Tank

5 Lessons “Shark Tank” Can Teach You About Pitching to Angel Investors

by Tim Berry

The TV show "Shark Tank" has a lot in common with the normal flow of angel investment. These are the five key lessons to take away from it. Read more »


How to Pitch Your Business to Investors [WEBINAR]

by Bailey Koharchick

Thanks to everyone who registered for our webinar! Caroline and David were thrilled. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to ask questions, feel free to post them below!   Read more »

Sold Out Webinar

How to Pitch Your Business to Angel Investors [FREE WEBINAR]

by Andrea Vedder

Join Caroline Cummings and David Rose on Wednesday, November 20, at 10 am PST, for a free webinar on how to pitch your business to investors. Read more »

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Top 10 Questions on Pitching Using LivePlan

by Dave Cannon

The best thing you can do to nail an investor pitch is to learn how the process works and be prepared. Since you don't know what to expect until you've tried it a few times, you can minimize missteps by learning from the advice (and mistakes) of others. Here are some frequently-asked questions on pitching an idea to investors. Read more »

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How to Make Your Gust Account Stand Out to Investors

by Caroline Cummings

These are my recommendations for how to help your company profile stand out on Gust, so you can successfully grab attention and raise capital. Read more »


Building confidence in key moments to build a breakthrough startup

by Joe Abraham

Whether its delivering a TED Talk, or a pitch, you're going to need to shake the nerves and show some confidence and preparation. Read more »

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Tired of PowerPoint? Here are the best alternatives

by Dave Cannon

Roughly 95 percent of slideshow presentations are still given in PowerPoint, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t evaluate other tools. We’ll run through the top alternatives and weigh the pros and cons. Google Docs Presentations A free feature in Google Docs (Trust us, it’s there; you just never use it.) If you consider yourself a... Read more »