Writing a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan: Use This Checklist to Keep Yourself on Task

Business planning isn't just a one-time event, and it doesn't have to be overly complicated. We've created a checklist to help make the process easier—no matter what kind of business plan you need.

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Going Beyond the Napkin: How Do You Know If Your Idea Is Any Good?

How do you know if your business idea is a good one? Is it worth pursuing now, or does it need to be refined and improved—or maybe forgotten about entirely? Here's how to find out.

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How to Write About Sourcing and Fulfillment in Your Business Plan

The sourcing and fulfillment section of your business plan can be confusing. Not only that, but you might be unsure whether or not you really need one in the first place! Here, we make it easy to understand and show you what to include.

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How to Develop a Positioning Statement for the Marketing Section of Your Business Plan

Having a good product or service just isn't enough. With a strong positioning statement, you'll be able to highlight how your business stands out from the crowd.

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How to Tell Your Company’s History in Your Business Plan

Company history in a business plan? It's a good addition to some business plans, but not all. Whether or not you include your company's history in your business plan will depend on your business itself, and who you're writing the plan for.

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How and Where to Write About Technology in Your Business Plan

Often, a business plan introduces a new technology that requires some explaining. However, you don't want to run the risk of including too much, and turning investors off. Here's how to fill everyone in, without overloading them with information.

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How to Write the Competition Section of Your Business Plan

No matter how new your business, you do have competition. If you say you don’t have competition, your audience is rolling its collective eyes and dismissing you as naive. So, how do you evaluate your competition and present this information to your team and to outsiders?

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How to Use the Competitive Matrix to Explain Your Position in the Market

Take the time to create a competitive matrix and you'll reap the rewards. It will help you figure out strategy, your positioning in the market, and it's a great, visual mainstay for pitch presenations—investors love it! Here's how to use it.

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