Start-Up Junkies If you’re looking for a little Friday distraction or are curious what it looks like inside a venture-funded startup, set aside a few hours and catch some episodes of Start-Up Junkies on

Start-Up Junkies is very reminiscent of the 2001 movie, also a fun technology start-up documentary about the first Internet boom of the late 90s.

Both Start-Up Junkies and  are interesting to watch, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur looking to raise a bunch of money and enter the sleep-deprived, fast-paced world of getting a technology company up and running quickly. They give you a good view into the stress involved, the personalties you will come across, and what it is like to be responsible for starting a company with someone else’s money. There are good lessons to be learned and plenty of “what not to do” moments.


–Noah Parsons
Palo Alto Software

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