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If you are thinking about an Internet business idea, you’re not alone. Internet or online businesses are some of the most frequently searched on From strictly Internet stores to websites to complement physical stores and companies to eBay-like auction sales, business ideas on how to start an Internet business are one of our most frequently searched startup category.

What business idea is right for you? The best business for you is one you love and to which you are prepared to make a major commitment. Perhaps it is an Internet business idea.

Many small-business owners describe starting a new business as more demanding than having a new baby – you have to be prepared to give it your full energy, time, and attention at any time of the day or night.

Each section below includes sample business plans, business-planning tools, startup kits, and other online resources that are specific to this business idea, and can help you turn your idea into a reality.

Sample Internet and Online Business Plans
We have over 500 different sample plans, in many industry categories. Some are pure-play (exclusively Internet businesses), and some brick-and-mortar (businesses with a physical storefront or office and websites)  and 125 of these  plans can be read in full online. See the full list of sample plans.

Start an Internet Business Resource Page
Our start-an-Internet business page contains a variety of resources and other tools that will help you effectively write an Internet business plan and get your Web business online.

Other Internet Business Articles
This page, Running an Online Business, contains many articles and tools to help you develop business plans for your Internet business, marketing your e-business, legal issues, and improving your website.

Business Startup Articles
No matter which direction you are thinking about pursuing, the following articles give you general tips and strategies to help you get started with your business idea.

The Right Business for you by Nolo
If you want to work for yourself, but don’t have a particular business in mind, you’re probably wondering what kind of business you should start. Fortunately, the answer is always the same: start a venture you know…

Top 15 Questions from SCORE
Research of successful entrepreneurs has documented that successful small business people have certain common characteristics…

Business Startup Strategy
…would-be entrepreneurs do a business plan. As a result of completing the plan you will be much better prepared and know whether or not your business idea is feasible…

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  • Seh

    Starting a business is the way to go for security. The thing is, there so much to learn. Research is key. I’ve recently started a business and there were so many ways to carry out the marketing, but I chose online video. This type of marketing is working wonders. A great place to post video is at because of the traffic than can create and it’s Free.

  • Website Builder

    I think it’s because in this time of crisis, the idea of an home based business is becoming more and more appealing to a lot of people. They are interested in starting their own small business but don’t know where to start. I think they need to have a talk with themselves, and find out what they are truly passionate about and start from there. Like they say, if you’re paid for doing something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

    Amy Cameron

  • Greg Page

    The state of the economy has everyone thinking of starting their own online business. Most find out early on that it is not the easiest thing to do. But, the ones who stick it out and put in the effort it takes to make work can really be proud of themselves. Any home business opportunity that you try, I would encourage you to follow through to the end, because just like any business venture it will not be successful overnight.

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  • Davida Yemi-Akanle

    I agree with you Greg that persistence is important. But having a good system that helps leverage all your efforts is also a benefit. As you know, building an online business is one thing, and building a profitable one is another. I recently wrote an article called the Best Web site builder for small businesses. This strategy starts with Traffic and Profits being “built into” the process from Day 1. You can view the article on my website at:

  • Oliver Scott

    The key to success with online business, especially for starters, is to focus on one way to make money online until you master it. Pick just one online business opportunity that you feel is genuine and right for you, work on it and you’ll be on your way to success.

  • Alice Clark

    Before you start your first online business, make sure that you have gotten as much research done beforehand as possible. This will cut down on the level of “trial and error” that you must suffer through. Set the long terms goals for yourself to shoot for, and commit yourself to focus and consistency.

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  • payday loans

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