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Can you communicate the core of your business plan in just a couple of minutes? How about in a single 140-character tweet? Our new Bplans Business Pitch tool can help you develop and refine your core message.

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Elevator pitches made easy

It is increasingly important to be able to distill your startup or business idea down to its essence. Our new pitch tool makes it easy, walking you through each of the elements that potential investors and partners expect to hear. These are simple high-level questions like:

  • What problem do your customers need help with?
  • What’s your solution?
  • What’s your business model?
  • What’s your competitive advantage?
  • And so on…

Each step includes expert advice and handy tips. You can even dress up your pitch with your company logo or head shot and a link to a video version of your pitch on YouTube. And you can save a copy of your pitch as a PDF to share internally or email to your advisors.

Once your pitch is published on our gallery, you will get ratings and comments from our community of entrepreneurs and small-business owners with ideas on how to improve your pitch.

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  • sheila hopes

    The perfect business pitch depends on the individual- some people are better at deliverying the speech while others are better at writing a copy =. Same general rules but there are peculiarities that define them. A speech has the advantage of body language, this is grossly affectatious in the levator speech. I’ll prefer it anyday .

  • Angel Ojeda

    In my city, my customers just need a solution to make them recover the faith. It is not about take their money, it is about creativity to raise the sales level we expect. We want to make them feel happy, comfortable and with hope. If we reach that, the next step it s just profit.

    Them we are going to give back to our community 10% of our incomes to see them happy to. With fairs, toys, etc.

    So we say to the just BELIEVE.

    • Robert W. Taylor

      Our business pitch is our website.It is not an easy task to get the exposure.
      We must have clients who need our services.
      We have a private Technical Contracting Agency that serves the people of our local area by finding the right connection here and anywhere across the United States.We have performed this duty for many years and still do so by connecting or networking
      the right people with the right people.
      People helping people with what they need.
      We have limited funds for advertising so we try to use our site for the business pitch.

  • J Haynes

    I would say it depends on the situation. Your best business pitch might not always work for others. There are definitely many factors that we need to consider.

  • Foan Ziay

    Between diffrents states ,cities ,the situation are probably not the same indeed.But I think,the good plan
    is to make the people you faced feel you and them in
    a good place where both of them can live freely .Both of them even forget all in business.

    This is a good plan,live.

  • Mark Askew

    The perfect pitch is a good track record helping others over the years. The result is a steady stream of work via word of mouth in the form of recommendations. That said, focus on doing the best job you can for your current clients and follow up with them.

    In addition put your response from satisfied customers up front. This is gold to those seeking good business.