Smooth Failing: Living With and Learning From Failure 0

I’m looking forward to Barbara Weltman’s new book Smooth Failing for several reasons: Barbara Weltman Smooth Failing

  1. I like the premise, learning from failure and mistakes. I believe one problem in the world of writing about entrepreneurship is the way we celebrate successes and hide failures.

    Through extensive interviews with entrepreneurs whose ventures fail for a variety of reasons—some stunningly unexpected, some painfully inevitable—Weltman gleans valuable insights about the small mistakes that can lead to large-scale catastrophe. “Smooth Failing” seeks to save many readers from similar disasters—while empowering those who are learning from failures and adversity to bounce back stronger and wiser on the often rocky road to success.

  2. One of the chapters is about me, a disastrous mistake I made, and the lessons I learned. I’m not denying that having my own chapter makes me like a book. I’m human.
  3. Barbara writes very well and really knows business. She’s not just an analyst and commentator—she also runs her successful expert business at She does a high-quality radio show, a tip-of-the-day newsletter, and good work.
  4. I’m fascinated by the idea of the “living book,” meaning that it’s a book with built-in updates in the future.
  5. I like the title.
  6. I’ve read the book—I got an advance copy—and it’s really good.

The book will be available in a couple of weeks, and the links here are taking pre-orders.

And here’s my thought for the day: Feed your soul with your successes, and your brain with your failures.

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