Today For The First Time in 80 Years, You Can Ask Total Strangers to Invest in Your Business

by Andrea Vedder

As of September 23, 2013, American businesses can advertise that they are raising money, and it won't be considered a crime. Read more »

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How to Market to Millennials (And Beyond!)

by Jessica Crossley

The solution to modern consumers ignoring your expensive and unmemorable traditional advertising is to do what's new: experiential marketing. Read more »

Pile of Mail

Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

by Cidnee Stephen

Does direct mail still work? It can, but Cidnee will share with you a few pointers you need to consider. Read more »

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4 Companies Getting Video Right

by Luke Clum

It's one thing to discuss what the perfect video strategy entails, but another to watch companies that are getting it right. Read more »

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Does Selling the Sizzle Get You Burned?

by Tim Berry

People want a good-looking body, not exercise or diets. So marketers develop messaging about benefits—what the people really want. Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Read more »

TV News Camera

How I Got My First Customer: I Guerilla-Marketed My Way Onto TV

by Andrea Vedder

Greg Doring's sales were slow until he said yes to a last-minute request from a news reporter and things started to take off. Read more »

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5 Reasons To Switch To Internet Marketing

by David Sarro

The Internet is a new-age phenomenon like no other. It has become an active part of our lives and will continue to remain that way for generations to come. Among the most significant changes brought about by the Internet includes the way we view traditional marketing. Gone are the days of door-to-door salesmen—nowadays the sales... Read more »

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How I Got My First Customer: I Offered A Better Deal

by Andrea Vedder

Dave advertised a faster turnaround time than his competitors in a targeted ad campaign, and his business took off. Read more »

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Online lead generation overview – seven-part series intro

by Michael George Keating

Online lead generation allows your company to bring in more qualified, warm leads. Read for a basic overview about generating leads online. Read more »


How do I generate buzz for a website launch?

by Will Stevens

If people don't know about your website then the investment is effectively wasted. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure you clock up hits from day one. Read more »