Market Your Business for Free: Find Your Brand Ambassadors

by Elicia Putnam

What’s the best way to market your business that costs nothing? Find your brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are the people who are so in love with your product or service, they’ll spread the word about your business for free. So how do you find these brand ambassadors? Below are tried and true tips to building... Read more »

Brands like Apple have huge customer loyalty.

Want Customer Loyalty? Build Your Brand.

by Elicia Putnam

We all know that customer loyalty is the key ingredient to a successful and sustainable business. But how do you create it? You focus on your brand. Remember, a brand is way more than just your logo. It’s the whole package: your sign on the street, your website, your business cards, even how you answer... Read more »


4 Reasons to Brand Your Business

by Sara Conte

I believe that building a great brand is the single best way to ensure the long-term survival of your company. Read more »


5 Marketing Mistakes I Made as a New Entrepreneur

by Lisa Furgison

After years of working for micromanaging bosses, working ten-hour days, and feeling completely drained at the end of a workweek, my husband and I decided to call it quits. We left our jobs in the media world and started our own business, McEwen’s Media. Our business is an extension of the work we did for the... Read more »


Why You Should Care about the Name You Give Your Company

by Vince Bridgman

When company names go bad There’s a whole heap of problems that can scupper a business in its plans to develop and grow: poor sales, an interrupted supply chain, industry price-cutting or new competition, a marketing strategy that didn’t quite go to plan, HR issues, sudden increases in overheads, late payments—the list of potential pitfalls... Read more »


How to Choose a Brand Name That Can Be Trademarked

by Steven Cook

Federal trademark law is complicated and a little counter-intuitive at first, but the takeaway is this: if possible, you may want to choose a creative, memorable brand name… not a descriptive one, if you want robust federal trademark protection from the get-go. Read more »


The Definitive Guide to Building a Brand

by Sara Conte

Building a brand that’s authentic, consistent, and rooted in a distinct personality separates you from the competition and allows your customers to connect with you on a more meaningful level. Building a brand can feel daunting. In fact many small businesses feel like it’s something that only the “big guys” can afford. But branding is something that every company can do if you follow a few basic rules. Read more »


7 Steps to Build Your Best Personal Brand

by Leah Jarratt

Your online brand is a showcase of you and your unique selling points. Take this opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest (but remember to remain professional at all times)! Read more »


How to Market to Millennials (And Beyond!)

by Jessica Crossley

The solution to modern consumers ignoring your expensive and unmemorable traditional advertising is to do what's new: experiential marketing. Read more »


How Do You Grow Your Business With A Side Venture?

by Deborah Sweeney

Is it better to continue to concentrate on your main business, or should you focus on certain aspects of your company and grow those as their own ventures? Read more »


Build a Better Brand

by Willie Pena

These strategies are your best bet to build a stronger brand identity and improve your chances of dominating your market. Read more »


Company Culture as a Marketing Tool

by Chris Garrett

Ensuring that your marketing campaign incorporates the most important aspects of your internal culture can give you a serious advantage over your competitors. Read more »


Stick to What You Know: How Branching Out Can Hurt Your Business

by Bobby Marhamat

Once a small business gains traction and really starts to get some miles under its belt, many of the factors that can cause roadblock along the way are actually self-induced. When it comes to marketing and establishing your brand, more often than not, you are your own worst enemy. Don’t Dilute Your Brand Case in... Read more »


How Are You Going to Market Your Newborn Software

by Marko Lev

In many respects, software is like a baby. It starts off with an idea, you think through whether it is worth indulging your idea, then you plan your idea, and execute. Software often has a much longer gestation period than nine months though. Once the finished product enters the world there is much joy and... Read more »


The Masters Golf Tournament – A Startup Unlike Any Other

by Zack Price

I made my way from Chicago down to Augusta, Georgia to check out a practice round of this year’s golf Masters, “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”.  This April tradition, despite it’s old school rules it is the most innovative sporting event in the world.  I figure as long as I’m hanging out down here at... Read more »


Want to Establish Brand Loyalty? Send ’em to a Competitor!

by Bobby Marhamat

When you’re just starting a new business, you want to make sure that you can offer your customers things that your competitors can’t. If you want to remain in business and ahead of your competition, it’s best to try to best them whenever you get the chance. Right? Well, that’s actually not such an easy... Read more »


To build a brand, you need to own a word in the mind

by Laura Ries

Procter & Gamble, perhaps the world’s most-famous marketing organization, use to have a rule when it came to writing memos on strategy. The first sentence of the memo had to start with “This is to recommend . . . ” And the rest of the sentence had to sum up the recommendation. Today, we need... Read more »


Three marketing claims that require homework

by Mike Quill

Accelerate your ability to connect with prospective buyers by providing the proof needed to back up marketing claims. Read more »


5 Branding Must-Haves for Startups

by Amina AlTai

Building a memorable brand is more important than ever.  In this climate of unlimited choices,  your brand has to be cohesive, memorable and differentiated to captivate consumers and eventually capture mind share. Branding isn’t simply a visual identity, and a lot of start-ups go wrong by undervaluing the importance of branding initiatives. Think of branding... Read more »


Can Netflix Recover from One of the Biggest Marketing Blunders of 2011?

by monique

Will the Netflix Brand Ever Truly Recover? As marketing experts look back at the best and worst of 2011’s branding campaigns, it is likely that Netflix—and a now notorious pair of its endeavors—will be resoundingly branded in the category of very worst. While it is still a major player in the movie DVD market, Netflix... Read more »