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10 Ways to Turn a Business Idea into a Reality

by Scott Gerber

Coming up with great ideas is easy. It's putting those ideas into action that's difficult. Read more »


Here’s An Idea: Make Money From Your Empty Office Space

by Tom Reynolds

Whether you have an empty desk, a vacant office in your building or even a dedicated room in your house, don't sit on valuable space when you could be making it work for you. Read more »

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Logging Time: The Ambitious Entrepreneur’s Savior

by Matt Clark

For entrepreneurs, wasting time is akin to sneaking snacks while on a diet. You might spend a few minutes checking email, a few minutes on this project, a few minutes on Facebook, or a few minutes “learning” by reading useless articles. Before you know it, you’ve put in a 10-hour day accomplishing nothing. The solution? Keep a time log for seven days. Read more »


Head, heart and hands: Three essentials for startup success

by JasonS

Starting up a business requires a diversity of assets. First-time entrepreneurs often feel anxious when they think about all the factors that must play a role if their ideas are ever to get off the ground. In their minds, success or failure seems to hinge upon finding deep-pockets funders, expert mentors, willing publicizers and other... Read more »

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Living the Music: Being in Music Doesn’t Mean You Have to Starve

by Tyree Harris

We all know the story: the local band that tears up the hometown bars, but never gets any big publicity; the independent rapper who sounds just like that one famous guy, but never gets shows bigger than 15 of his good friends huddled inside a small basement; the best singer in your choir class, now... Read more »


Listen Up Newbies: Best Advice for First-time Entrepreneurs

by Tim Berry

You find yourself standing on the brink of your first try starting your own business. Looking downwards into confusion. Passion? Perseverance? The idea? The plan? What comes first? What’s most important? There’s a world of advice out there, lots of it conflicting, contradictory advice. Far too much to use and digest. I just discovered Jim Price‘s... Read more »


5 Industries Ripe for Innovative New Ideas

by Christa Avampato

So you want to start your own business, or at least build a product or service and see how it goes. Congratulations! The desire to follow this lead is the first step in a wonderful venture adventure. Some entrepreneurs find their way to this place based upon an idea they have for a new product... Read more »


Dreams of Growth and Expansion Could Turn Into A Nightmare

by Leander Jackie Grogan

Small business owners often dream of expansion, growth and enhanced profitability; those strategic moves and timely tweaks that catapult their operation to the next level of success. I say dream because it’s the official 2nd step in the popular business transformation model called Appreciative Inquiry (AI), introduced by management theorist, David L. Cooperrider, back in... Read more »


What Every Woman Business Owner Needs to Know to Succeed

by Tara Hornor

It’s a tough world out there, no matter the industry of a business, and it takes a thick-skinned person with persistence and tenacity to be successful in any small business. For women, some of the challenges can be especially difficult. In the U.S. we have come a long way from the Women’s Right Movement in... Read more »


Thinking Outside The Box

by Cidnee Stephen

Do you ever find yourself lacking creativity in your marketing? Let’s face it, it’s always easier to follow the leader, or the masses rather than come up with some form of originality. The great thing about mavericks such as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, is that they show us what the power of creative thinking... Read more »