Oranges and an Apple

How to Differentiate Your Business From the Competition

by Cidnee Stephen

The other night, I was out at my favorite sushi restaurant. We go there quite regularly because both my son and I are in love with their rolls, especially their Signature Dynamite Roll. Being the marketer I am, I couldn’t help but notice, as the little boats floated around with various dishes, that others must... Read more »

How to effectively create brand loyalty

Want to Establish Brand Loyalty? Send ’em to a Competitor!

by Bobby Marhamat

When you’re just starting a new business, you want to make sure that you can offer your customers things that your competitors can’t. If you want to remain in business and ahead of your competition, it’s best to try to best them whenever you get the chance. Right? Well, that’s actually not such an easy... Read more »

Build a Competitor Profile

Build a Competitor Profile for Clues to Delivering Better Value

by Mike Quill

When considering how to position a product in the market place or developing the ideal go-to-market strategy, a small business owner needs to examine a number of market factors. Chief among those factors will be the product’s primary competitors. Understanding them gets you one step closer to knowing how to deliver better value to your... Read more »


Tips for Conducting Online Competitor Analysis

by Helen Major

One thing that many new businesses take for granted is that their competitors are the same companies online and offline. While it’s often the case that the same company controls market share in both sectors, when you start looking at the complex landscape of keywords and user dynamics, the competition increases and new players enter... Read more »


Join the Sign up Your Startup Challenge and get free tools to help your business succeed

by Palo Alto Software

Business is all about competition. If you’re not competing against other businesses for customers or market share, you’re competing against yourself, trying to beat previous revenue figures. To make it as a small business owner, you’ve got to have that competitive spirit. We’ve got the spirit here at Bplans. In fact, we’ve launched a fun... Read more »


Keep a Close Eye on the Competition.

by Susan Solovic

The sluggish economy continues to be an issue for small business owners.  And now it appears competition may be getting tougher too.  According to the Guardian Life Small Business Trends Research Report, larger companies will aggressively market to prospects once considered “too small.”  That means those of us who own small businesses may find ourselves... Read more »


No competition? Not possible!

by Noah Parsons

Your business idea is brilliant. Nobody else is doing it. You’ve got no competition. It’s sure to be a gold mine, right? Maybe. One mistake many new businesses make is thinking that just because nobody else is doing exactly what they’re doing, their business is a sure thing. The smart thing to do is ask... Read more »


Do You Recognize These Problems With Business Negotiations

by Tim Berry

Greg Dannis is a lawyer who’s spent a career working with school districts in California. He’s a founding partner at Dannis, Wolver & Kelly, in San Francisco. I just finished reading his article Labor’s Lessons in the California Public Employees Relations Journal. Greg writes about labor contracts in schools, specifically; he’s been involved in that... Read more »


What If Somebody Else Launches First?

by Tim Berry

A friend asked me this in twitter: What to do when you’re launching a company and competition launches 3 months before you ? Build on top of what the competition is doing. Slipstream. Let them pave the way, let them break the ice, and you follow along with a different angle, or different spin. I’ve... Read more »


No Need to Call the Fashion Police

by Palo Alto Software

In most lines of work, people ripping off your ideas or designs is a bad thing. Illegal, even. But such is not the case in the fashion world, where not only is copying legal, but some say it’s beneficial. As the old cliche goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Turns out it may... Read more »