Tip of the Week: Key Insight Into Crowdfunding

by Sabrina Parsons

A lot of times people want to ask me about crowd funding. What is it? Is it legal? Read more »

Man in rain of money

My 13 Favorite Alternative Funding Options of 2013

by Caroline Cummings

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a new small business, a high-tech startup, or an up-and-running company, and whether you’re looking for a loan or a grant or an equity-sharing arrangement, there is an option for you. Read more »


9 Reasons NOT to Crowdfund Your Next Project

by Scott Gerber

It may seem like everyone is a proponent of crowdfunding now, but sometimes, it’s actually not the best option for your business. Turns out asking a large group of strangers for funding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—depending on your business, of course. We asked a panel of nine entrepreneurs the following question: What’s one good reason... Read more »