Killer home page

How to Engage Customers with a Killer Homepage

by J.R. Garrett

These days, just having a website won’t cut it. You need a sticky website—one that engages visitors, persuading them to stay on your site and explore your brand further. That simply won’t happen without a killer homepage. Think about it: Your homepage is where visitors decide if you’re worth their time—and you’ve got about six... Read more »

Starting a Hair Salon

How to Open a Successful Hair Salon

by Lisa Furgison

Planning to open a hair salon? Check out these tips from a salon owner with 40 years in the business. Read more »


What Can I Learn From an Angry Customer?

by Heather Legg

It’s going to happen. If you own a small business, you are inevitably going to have an angry customer. And when it happens, you'd better know what to do. Read more »


The Gamification Behind Loyalty Cards

by Matt Payne

In today’s world there’s a card for everything. We take a look at the gamification behind cards and other methods brands utilize to engage customers. Read more »


4 Tips to Go Above and Beyond With Customer Service

by Emily Green

Today's consumers expect great customer service and if they don't find it, they'll spend their money elsewhere. What can you do to go above and beyond to ensure customers not only buy from you, but also recommend your business? Read more »


Sometimes The Customer Isn’t Right

by Bailey Koharchick

Making customers happy is great for business, and so most managers don't think beyond the basic tenet of customer service that "the customer is always right." Which is great, except for the times when the customer is wrong. Read more »


7 Creative Ways to Engage With Your Customers Online

by Shay Wright

Online marketing has evolved. People don't want sales pitches. Learn some effective ways to actually interact and engage with your customers online. Read more »


Happy people – happy business

by Sean Blanks

As has matured, we have come to understand that people make the business, so we have put into place a set of rules that we abide to in all aspects of our work: “Is it better for our customers? Is it more efficient for us?” Read more »


Why Introverts Get More Sales

by Dave Cannon

Introverts can be extraordinary entrepreneurs. Here are a few personality traits that set them apart from their more outgoing counterparts. One summer while in college I took a sales job to pay the bills. I was painfully shy and terrified of the prospect of meeting new people, but I needed the money and decided to... Read more »


Slam Dunk Tips for Attracting and Keeping Fans

by Caroline Cummings

Everyone knows the value of word of mouth marketing. It’s a concept as old as dirt, but not something most businesses know how to embrace. The “social web” is a great avenue to allow the people that know and love you (aka, your “Fans”) to promote your business in a fun way. Fans are basically customer evangelists.... Read more »


Where’s Your Wow?

by Cidnee Stephen

I discovered this little piece of heaven on holidays this year. It’s a place on the Sunshine Coast in Canada, and I fell in love with it so much, I have gone back twice already. Both times that I caught a glimpse of the view, I got goosebumps and my eyes welled up with tears.... Read more »


How To Leverage Satisfied Customers For Growth

by Mike Quill

It’s a competitive market out there.  If you are a small business or an entrepreneur with a new product to offer, you’ll find consumers have many objections before they purchase.  Prospects are going to carefully scrutinize your product against others before they spend their money.  There are direct and indirect substitutes competing for their attention... Read more »


How to Lose a Customer in 2 Seconds or Less

by Carolyn Higgins

We all know that calls out of the blue, from complete strangers saying, “Hey, I want to hire you!” are rare.  Unfortunately, leads don’t just fall out of the sky like that. So  then imagine my excitement when I get a voice mail from a man who says he’s, ”just right up the street in... Read more »


7 Steps to Client Relationship Harmony

by Amina AlTai

A strong business is built on relationships. Producing solid work is a given, but it is the people behind the work product, those that manage the process, and the expectations and outcomes that drive the success of a campaign. Keeping a client happy may seem more like the work of a psychologist sometimes, but there... Read more »


Building Trust with Quality Website Content

by Tara Hornor

  When asked what’s the most important thing to a website owner for building their site, often the response revolves around ad revenues or social media management tools. But both of these answers ignore the most fundamental part of ensuring long-term growth: trust between the site and the visitors. Without trust, why should readers return?... Read more »


How to use customer service to differentiate your business – Small business Spotlight

by Palo Alto Software

Every business needs to differentiate itself, to find a way to show the world how it’s unique and different. If you were to ask the owners of 10 hair salons which products or service they sell or provide, most would probably start with “hair styling and coloring” or something along those lines. And you wouldn’t... Read more »


Build trust with your customers to increase web sales

by Palo Alto Software

Security and trust-mark badges are important elements to display on your website. Lots of testing has been done on the subject and results have shown that badges are signposts that shoppers look for when deciding whether a particular online retailer is a safe place to make a purchase. At Palo Alto Software we wondered, how... Read more »


Praise Where Praise is Due

by Alan Gleeson

It all started with a simple email exchange. The final mail was short and to the point ‘ thanks for the great customer service, sadly it is unusual.’  It got me thinking.For me the exchange was pretty straight forward. A customer had emailed in with a query. I was in early, before the customer service... Read more »


The Secret to Creating Raving Fans: Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

by Carolyn Higgins

I’m old school. I came up in a time when the customer was always right (even when they weren’t!).  In my first job at Dunkin Donuts, I learned quickly what that meant. I was 14, given the job because my mother, who managed another store by the same owner decided I needed something to “keep me... Read more »


Tips for Giving Holiday Gifts to Customers on a Barebones Budget

by Susan Solovic

Can you believe it?  Here we are in the midst of the holiday season.  Where as this year gone? And it’s been another tough year for small businesses.  For many of us there is very little left in the budget for giving gifts to our customers.  Yet, it’s always nice to show your appreciation for... Read more »