How 5 Million Small Businesses Make and Save Money

by Bailey Koharchick

Intuit, the makers of the accounting software QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, recently pulled from their customer base of nearly 5 million entrepreneurs and the download activity in the Inuit App Center to figure out how small business owners are managing their companies and staying productive. What tools are they using, and what choices are they... Read more »


Prediction: Startups Getting Easier, Cheaper

by Tim Berry

Startups getting easier? Yes, and I believe it, too. But there’s a follow-up question required. First, there’s this from the trends summary of The Intuit 2020 Report — 20 Trends for the Next Decade: Starting a small business will be easier — and more affordable than ever. The cost of starting and running a small... Read more »


Hating Accounting Software: Deal With It

by Tim Berry

Running your own business means keeping track of the money. You hire somebody or you do it yourself. You have to pay taxes, so you have to have records. The mythical pile of papers in a box is romantic, cute perhaps, but really dumb if you’re building a business. Not keeping track of every business... Read more »

Free Accounting Software

by Noah Parsons

To counter Microsoft’s free offering of small business accounting software, Intuit now has a free version of their Simple Start accounting package. While not nearly as full-featured as Microsoft’s offering, it’s a great way to get out of Excel or manual book keeping and into a proper accounting package. Read more »