Bcast, the Bplans Podcast

Episode 1: Business Loans, Website Tips, and the Apple Watch – The Bcast

by Jonathan Michael

Welcome to the Bcast, the official podcast of Each week we discuss the latest news, resources and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Hosted by Jonathan Michael and Peter Thorsson. In this week’s episode we discuss: 10 Things the Bank Will Ask When You Need a Business Loan 5 Things Your Website Must... Read more »


Using Analytics to Drive Your Online Marketing Strategy

by Casie Gillette

Do you know who is coming to your website?  Who is buying your product?  Where they are coming from?  What they like and dislike? Analytics are an extremely valuable asset when it comes to your website and your online marketing efforts. The more informed you are on where and how your customers interact with your... Read more »


The Weakest Link – Your Social Media Marketing “Killer App”

by Maisha Walker

By helping you maximize "weak ties" Social Media Marketing provides small businesses with a powerful tool that doesn't need an overwhelming amount of complexity to be useful. Its power is based on the simple human desire to be connected and the tools that now exist to enable you, as an individual to fill that desire. Read more »