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Considering Buying a Franchise? Watch This First

by Andrea Vedder

If you are thinking about opening a franchise, be sure to watch our Google Hangout on "How to Choose a Franchise That's Right For You" first. Read more »

Woman Rating Customer Service on Tablet

Tips for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

by Palo Alto Software

Although metrics are just measurements and they can't give the specific feedback from customers, they visually help the team get a perspective on our level of success in keeping our customers happy. Read more »


Ada Lovelace Day: Who Inspires You?

by Lara Fields

There is one woman who inspires me more than any other—and she probably doesn’t realize just how much impact she has had on my life, my career, and my outlook on myself. Read more »

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Don’t Wait Until Your Business Needs Cash to Look for Extra Funding

by Andrea Vedder

Did you know that 60 percent of businesses that fail are profitable when they go out of business? They just don’t have the cash flow to cover their expenses, and it forces them into closure. Part of the problem is that once your cash flow issues are apparent and affecting your business operations, it can... Read more »

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Furloughed? We Want to Give You a Free LivePlan Account

by Bailey Koharchick

Are you or someone you know a furloughed government worker? If so, we want to help you out. Read more »


Let’s Give Working Dads Some Credit, Too

by Andrea Vedder

Given that today is Working Parents Day, recognizing the unique and evolving position of working fathers is a full 50 percent of what this holiday is all about. Read more »


Girls Are Getting Into Programming

by Andrea Vedder

Although the overall representation of women in the computer sciences is low—only 15 percent of females graduating from the University of Oregon major in computer science, and only 20 percent of the programmers in the United States are women—the numbers are climbing. Read more »


Video: Why is a business plan important?

by Tim Berry

I’ve been working with the team at Palo Alto Software on a series of videos to help you with business planning. This video answers the question “Why is a business plan important?” Transcript So let me take a minute and talk to you about why I want you to do business planning. Because you’re going... Read more »


The power of planning

by Curt Barnes

Over the past 8.5 years that I have worked for Palo Alto Software in technical support, I have coached thousands of our customers on the importance of a business plan. Explaining how it can help create a road map for your business as well as assisting you with sustaining a positive cash flow, a basic... Read more »


Putting young minds to work for your businesses

by Palo Alto Software

A few weeks ago, on the final day of the BlogHer ’08 conference, I talked with Karrine McFarlane of and about looking locally for virtual assistants. Taking advantage of a local community college or university work program is a great way to not only support your community but give soon-to-be graduates some real... Read more »