How to Fund Your Startup Without Losing Control

Private equity can be the infusion of cash you need to get your startup off the ground—but you run the risk of losing control of your business. Here's how to prevent this from happening.

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How to Start a Successful Restaurant

Thinking about starting your own restaurant? We asked successful restaurant owners to offer their tips for starting and running a restaurant.

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Is Passion Enough to Make Your Business Succeed?

How important is passion to the success of your small business? Not only that, in what ways does passion contribute to your success overall?

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Learn From Amazon: How to Tap Into Underserved Markets

The ways consumers are buying products is changing, and Amazon has managed to tap into underserved markets. Can your business do the same?

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Should I Open a Franchise or Start a Business?

Many wonder: Should I open a franchise or start a business? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's what to consider before taking next steps.

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How to Create an Elevator Speech (With Examples)

A great elevator speech can spark interest in your business and hopefully lead to a deeper conversation—and maybe even a partnership or funding opportunity.

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Venture Capital Funding and the Sexism You Can’t Quite Prove

Female founders have a hard time securing venture capital. Is the landscape improving—and why is VC funding so hard for women to get in the first place?

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Tips for Writing a Successful Business Plan for a Daycare Center

From knowing your competition to picking the right place to establish your daycare center, there are a lot of lessons to be learned. Here's how to write a successful business plan for your daycare center.

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