Male customer complaining about his food

What Can I Learn From an Angry Customer?

by Heather Legg

It’s going to happen. If you own a small business, you are inevitably going to have an angry customer. And when it happens, you'd better know what to do. Read more »


What is a TweetChat?

by Greta Feldman

TweetChats are a valuable tool for small businesses, whether those businesses are acting as participants or hosts. Read more »

Businessman looks into crystal ball

What Are Investors Looking For?

by Arlene Soto

If you're hoping to secure a financial partner to help you grow your business, you'd better know what potential investors are looking for your presentation (and your business). Read more »

Blank list of pros and cons

3 Reasons Why an LLC Beats a Corporation

by Deborah Sweeney

Looking at the two options side by side without any particular industry or business in mind, I’ll always think of an LLC as the better choice for these three reasons. Read more »


The Truth to Consulting: What Business Owners Really Want

by Tim Berry

What most business owners want (and need) is to have it done, not to be told how to do it. Read more »

Fairly Diverse Business Team

3 Tips to Build the Right Team for Your Small Business

by Roy Rasmussen

Most small business owners say their biggest HR challenge is finding skilled talent. Here's a smarter strategy for hiring the best team. Read more »

Man in Apron Owns Grocery Store

How to Prepare Your Small Business for Growth

by Emily Miller

Few people are prepared to grow a local company into a thriving medium-sized or large company. Here are three things you need to do to grow your small business right. Read more »


The Secret of Successful Marketing

by Carolyn Higgins

Article by Carolyn Higgins You’ve been in business a while.  You’ve been buying advertising, tweaking your website, spending a fortune on yellow pages and attending all kinds of networking groups. Yet your pipeline is empty; you don’t know from  where your next job, project or sale is going to come– or even if it will... Read more »


Marking and Measuring Online Influence

by Tim Berry

It’s very clear to me that we’re heading toward an expanding business landscape with a lot more opportunities for small niche players everywhere. The gatekeepers are disappearing as people find volume connections through technology. This means you can build business awareness in new ways; traditional gatekeepers, like publishers, editors and advertising media, are no longer... Read more »


Facebook for Small Business

by Palo Alto Software

Starbucks is often touted as a Facebook success story. Well, Starbucks is pretty much a business success story, but that doesn’t mean everyone can, or should, emulate them. Alex Wheeler, Starbucks’ Director of Digital Strategy, explains their Facebook success as the result of creating a relationship with their customers as fans, through brand stories and... Read more »

Aptly Named Ideablob

by Tim Berry

They’re calling it Ideablob. Sponsored by Advanta, a credit card company focusing on small business. That’s at Submit ideas, view ideas, and give advice. Some of them are interesting ideas, and the site is kind of fun. It’s also a good reminder of one of the more important principles of new businesses: The idea... Read more »


You Need a Lawyer

by Tim Berry

Allow me to give you some advice on something I learned the hard way: If you’re starting a business, establish a relationship with a lawyer. Do as I say, not as I did (when I started Palo Alto Software). I confess. By nature I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person and bit of a hermit, too.... Read more »