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How to Market to Millennials (And Beyond!)

by Jessica Crossley

The solution to modern consumers ignoring your expensive and unmemorable traditional advertising is to do what's new: experiential marketing. Read more »

Author: Brian Solis

Company culture as a marketing tool

by Chris Garrett

Ensuring that your marketing campaign incorporates the most important aspects of your internal culture can give you a serious advantage over your competitors. Read more »

Be sure you have this market intelligence for a successful new product launch.

Must-have market intelligence for your product launch

by Mike Quill

Let’s talk about the big marketing question: What market intelligence do you have in hand to ensure a successful (and prosperous) launch to the market? Read more »


5 Simple Guidelines to Achieve The Right Marketing Mix

by David Sarro

Ask any marketer to explain his trade and he will say that it is all about placing the right product in the right place, at the right price and at the right time. Simple, eh? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The right approach would be to arrive at a marketing mix that... Read more »

Digital Mail Room

Five tips to improve your direct marketing results

by Elizabeth Reyes Fournier

As the world increasingly goes digital, using postage mail for customer outreach has almost become an anachronism. In fact, many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using targeted direct mailings alongside their digital efforts to connect with customers. That increased momentum is bringing about the growth of digital mailrooms in offices and companies across the country. The savvy business owner must move... Read more »

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Tips for Using Postcards as Direct Mail Coupons

by Tara Hornor

As a small business owner, you are probably always on the lookout for the most effective way to promote your company, to draw new customers, and to encourage current customers to do business with you again. One excellent way to encourage prospects and customers to use your services or purchase your products rather than your... Read more »


Want a Successful Small Business? Forget Instant Gratification!

by Carolyn Higgins

Here is a paraphrased summary of three different conversations I had with business owners this week: Business Owner (B.O.): “Marketing doesn’t work, I tried it.” Me: “Really? Tell me more about that.” B.O.: “I sent out a bunch of post cards and didn’t get a single response!” Me: “Hmmm.. A ‘bunch’ you say? How many... Read more »


TAM, SAM and SOM – huh??

by Caroline Cummings

Having viewed several business plans over the years, a common (and very important) item missing from most plans is a breakdown of the company’s TAM, SAM and SOM in the marketing section of their plan. Wondering what these acronyms mean? Well you’re not alone – many entrepreneurs are not familiar with these terms. Here’s a... Read more »


Tips for Researching Your Audience to Improve Blog Posts

by Tara Hornor

Every blog owner finds himself or herself wondering how they can improve their site to engage visitors, build relationships, and of course grow revenues. The good news is that you are your best source of information! With print advertising, such as flyer printing or postcards, you have a limited number of options for gathering information,... Read more »


Does Your Advertising Make You Look Cheap?

by Carolyn Higgins

I opened up the bright blue Val-Pack envelope this morning like I sometimes do, more out of a marketer’s curiosity than anything else.  I don’t use coupons; it’s too much of a hassle for me to save a few bucks.  But I do leaf through the coupons just to see who’s advertising, what they’re advertising,... Read more »


Are More Facebook Likes Better for Business?

by Carolyn Higgins

Recently a client asked what I thought about the businesses on Facebook who seem to be obsessed with boosting the number of “likes” of their business page… and here’s my two-cents: Boosting your numbers and trying to prove how popular you are is just like old-school “blast and pray” advertising. You blast as much “stuff”... Read more »

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The Benefit of Market Research

by monique

Market research is a very important step for all startups as, amongst other things, it helps you understand whether your offering is likely to generate demand. Once you have a clear sense of who your customers are, the following represent some additional things to think about: Where are these customers? How many customers are there?... Read more »


Where to focus in 2012

by Cidnee Stephen

The common tone going into 2012 is cautious optimism. Economies remain very fragile and so lavish spending on your marketing would be a high risk activity. Instead, focus in 2012 on your high payoff activities and leverage the abundance of low cost, no cost marketing tools available to you. From a budget standpoint, try to... Read more »


Does Every Business Plan Include a Marketing Plan? What’s the Difference?

by Tim Berry

What’s the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan? Doesn’t a business plan include a marketing plan? Why would anybody do one without the other? Good questions, and since I get them a lot, I decided to answer them here: A business plan covers the entire business, including overall strategy, financial plans, target... Read more »


Good Marketing Strategy Starts With a Defined Message.

by Susan Solovic

Many business owners ask me for advice about how to market their businesses. Before I can answer that question, I need to know what the business owner’s key marketing messages are and who their customer is. Frequently, I get a perplexed look when I ask for the marketing messages. Long before you start choosing how... Read more »


Marketing is NOT Advertising, Emails and Postcards!

by Carolyn Higgins

If I were to ask 100 people to define “Marketing” I’d probably get 100 different answers. The problem is “Marketing” has become a nice little euphemism for dirty words like “advertising”, “sales”, and “direct mail”. I want you to be aware. We all know we need Marketing, but be smart; learn what that really means and don't just trust any salesperson who calls themselves a marketer and walks into your shop selling the marketing idea of the week. Marketing is a process - it's not a one-time deal. Read more »


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving up on Marketing

by Carolyn Higgins

Here’s a conversation I have all the time: Business Owner: “Almost all of my business comes from referrals. So I don’t need to do any other marketing.” Me: “Great, then you have all the business you need!” Business Owner: “Well, no. I’m pretty slow right now. ”   100% of Zero is still Zero! Does anyone else... Read more »


Can a Good Marketing Plan Sell a Mediocre Product?

by Varju Luceno

I recently worked with a small business owner who told me that she knew her target market. She was indeed able to describe her ideal clients in great detail, but she was not as talkative when it came to listing the needs and problems of her prospects. The above mentioned entrepreneur participates in networking events,... Read more »


Retailers: Do You Wonder When will I see you again?

by Marketing Masters

Have you ever thought that running a business, especially a retail store, is a lot like dating? There you are in your store and in walks Mr. or Ms. “Right”, that ideal customer who simply loves your store and goes wild for your stuff. You have a great time and Mr. or Ms. Right leaves... Read more »