Social Media Response Flow Chart

Social Media Response Flow Chart for Small Businesses

by Jonathan Michael

Have you ever discovered a mention of your business on social media and thought, “How should I respond to that?” If the post is negative, you may be especially anxious to answer that question. Should you delete negative comments, respond with a counter-argument, or ignore them altogether? The following flow chart offers a helpful way... Read more »


Why Cash Flow is Like a River

by Tim Berry

So, I do follow my own advice. Yesterday I posted here about how putting video on your site is relatively easy. So today I’m posting this video here. I did it last weekend. I confess; I was motivated in part by wanting to do something with my new FlipHD video camera. The river seems to... Read more »


Social Media Marketing: The Marketing Skills you can learn from Obama

by Maisha Walker

I was fascinated by the analysis of the Obama campaign. In many ways, Obama’s campaign and its success is a big, bright, “LCD sign” of the times. New media has come of age in a very public way. Most people seem to agree that the campaign used a number of techniques to capture an audience and... Read more »