3 Strategies to Inspire Your Social Media Marketing

by Nick Rojas

Social media has become one of the most important outreach and marketing channels available to brands, which in turn means that it’s important to have a social media strategy as a core part of your overall marketing plan. Social media channels offer businesses a cost-effective way to promote their companies, to increase brand awareness, and... Read more »

Social Media Response Flow Chart

Social Media Response Flow Chart for Small Businesses

by Jonathan Michael

Have you ever discovered a mention of your business on social media and thought, “How should I respond to that?” If the post is negative, you may be especially anxious to answer that question. Should you delete negative comments, respond with a counter-argument, or ignore them altogether? The following flow chart offers a helpful way... Read more »


Why Cash Flow is Like a River

by Tim Berry

So, I do follow my own advice. Yesterday I posted here about how putting video on your site is relatively easy. So today I’m posting this video here. I did it last weekend. I confess; I was motivated in part by wanting to do something with my new FlipHD video camera. The river seems to... Read more »


Social Media Marketing: The Marketing Skills you can learn from Obama

by Maisha Walker

I was fascinated by the analysis of the Obama campaign. In many ways, Obama’s campaign and its success is a big, bright, “LCD sign” of the times. New media has come of age in a very public way. Most people seem to agree that the campaign used a number of techniques to capture an audience and... Read more »