The Blog Week in Review — June 11, 2009 6

Irony: Fewer Words, Better Communication — Tim Berry shares some thoughts about the nature of communication and how sometimes less is actually more.

This Just In: Bacon and Email Are Basically Brothers — A lighthearted look at the unlikely similarities between the communication tool and the porky breakfast side dish.

The Real Secret to Becoming a Popular Blogger — There’s no point in writing a boring blog. Copyblogger writer Johnny Truant suggests how to be interesting.

  • Martin Lindeskog

    Great feature with a blog week review. When is Lisa Bruckner back with a new post?

    • Chelle Parmele

      Great question, Martin.

      I know she’s been super busy with everything these days, but I hope we’ll get a new post from her shortly!

  • Martin Lindeskog

    Chelle: I am glad to hear that Lisa Bruckner is keeping herself busy. How are things at Palo Alto? Are you keeping Tim B. busy?! ;)

    • Chelle Parmele

      We’re perking right along! We’re working on a huge event called Oregon Small Business Boost where we’ll be giving away a copy of our Business Plan Pro Premier product to everyone in Oregon on July 1st.

      We have close to 70 locations all over the state and are hoping to give away a lot of software and get some awareness about the different programs and services that are available to business out there.

      So we’re staying busy!

  • Martin Lindeskog


    Are you giving away to every citizen in Oregon? How many copies would that be? I have a friend who is living in Portland. But she will not be in the city on July 1st. How would she grab her copy?

    Where are you located? I want to visit Oregon someday…

    • Chelle Parmele

      Martin, we are making it available to everyone one in Oregon over the age of 18. We’re anticipating 10k-15k copies of software out to 70+ locations all over the state.

      If your friend can’t pick it up that day, maybe she can get a friend of hers to do so. It will be only that day and only one per person.

      We’re down in Eugene Oregon. About 2 hours south of Portland.

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