Travels with Kindle 1

So it’s been a few months now that I’ve had my Amazon Kindle, the e-book reader that released late last year.

What’s obvious is that it’s a conveniently sized e-book reader, with good battery life and clear black text on an off-white screen, easy to read.

What I didn’t realize is how much I like the simple convenience of the Kindle’s wireless connectivity. I can sit just about anywhere in the United States, and the Kindle wireless connection gives me an instant market of books, major newspapers, magazines and even a few of the best blogs (alas, not this one). This “just about anywhere” means, for example, that during that awkward time between passing security and boarding the plane, I can load my Kindle with reading material.

The daily New York Times, for example, costs no more than the paper version but loads into the Kindle in a few seconds. A book take less than a minute. The magazines cost a few dollars.

Stuck in the airport without some good reading material? No problem.

So this is a big change, the marriage of the e-book with the wireless access to get to the market. And I thought I’d post this, just as a matter of things that work, benefits, maybe generate some ideas.

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  • Mac

    At $360 they’re still way too expensive for what they do. I read a LOT of books — usually three simultaneously at any given moment — and I still can’t convince myself that the value is there. At half that price, we might be in business.

    Heck, you can get an older-model but reasonably functional laptop at nearly $360 these days. I do understand the argument against making the device “do too much” and thereby cripple the primary functionality, but I also think that at this price point they simply made it “do too little”.

    Which is unfortunate, since I really want one…