1.    Know the basic terms of telecom and internet providers.
2.    Build a relationship with trusted professionals, vendors, or advisers.
3.    Understand the difference between the cost, and the price (the lowest bidder for your telecom business could cost you the most if it doesn’t work)
4.    Read your bill! Make sure you reconcile your contract and monthly invoice.
5.    Adjust as needed. As your business grows, review your data and telecom needs.
6.    Understand the SLA (Service Level Agreements) and require one from your providers if they don’t offer it to you initially.
7.    Stay on budget, it is easy to be intoxicated by new technology.
8.    Call your business. Act like a client. Does your company give the initial impression you are looking for?
9.    Demand Excellence. Technology will fail, and at times there will be outages, but if it happens twice, begin looking for a new provider. Your technology is vital.
10.    Expand your presence. Understand MEL (Market Expansion Lines) and remote call forwarding options. Use technology to better serve your clients!

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