There is a lightbulb in a Livermore California firehouse that has been burning constantly since 1901. For those of us who can’t do math in our heads, that’s 107 years or nearly 1 million hours.

The lightbulb was screwed into place inside a pump house, its intent was to “break the darkness so firefighters responding to calls wouldn’t have to fumble to light the wicks of their kerosene lanterns.”

It was manufactured by the Shelby Electric Co. of Shelby, Ohio, the bulb soon outlived its maker, which closed in 1914.

I wonder of the good people at Shelby Electric Co knew they were making a product that would last for 107 years? Did they include that in their business plan? Did they explore the branding and media opportunities or customer service ramifications associated with a product that would have 107 and counting year lifespan?

Probably not.

But imagine the plan if they had.

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software