11 Myths Debunked is so much better than 10, isn’t it? As far as I’m concerned, Lindsay Holloway absolutely nails it with all 11 of them. But I’m just as interested in the fact that 11 is so much more than 10. Everybody does 10, and we all assume–don’t we?–that 10 was really only seven or eight but that’s so close that you stretch to get 10. And by the way, that might be Justin Kitch of Homestead.com, nailing it; Lindsay is quoting him. It’s not clear whose list it really is.

The 11th point, however, is the absolute best of the bunch. That makes all the rest of them seem stronger:

11. OK, I’ll do whatever you say. “All entrepreneurs have to find their own way,” says Kitch. “It’s a two-way street, so you still have to figure out your own path. Don’t take what everyone says for granted–including myself.”

That’s a really useful point to make at the end. Particularly since Kitch sells website help to small business. That makes this reminder even more credible. He’s not just telling you that you need a website because he’s going to sell it to you; he really believes you need a website. And he’s completely right. Like a business plan (my main expertise), you don’t buy it, you build it. It has to be unique.

I was glad to see the 10th myth, too, because I’m still smarting over those commercials pretending that all the women had to do was set up their bendable sunglasses website and then spend the rest of their lives sunbathing at the beach. If you don’t remember those–from a few years back–never mind. I searched YouTube, couldn’t find them. Here’s the myth debunked:

10. The internet will make me rich. Nothing substitutes for good business sense. Says Kitch, “People skills and your interactions with employees and customers become even more critical when dealing with an internet business. You have to work harder to create those interactions.”

And also, while we’re on that same subject, or close to it:

8. My internet strategy is my website. “Your website is only the tip of the iceberg,” says Kitch. Look to: e-mail newsletters, comparison sites, editorial sites, blogs, Web 2.0, social networking sites, lead generators and more.

Absolutely right, I totally agree.

The whole thing is worth reading: 11 Internet Myths Debunked – Entrepreneur.com

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