This look back through history proves that the price of products is never set in stone. From electronics to food and appliances, very few products have remained in the same price range when compared to their original counterparts.

Each of the following images is broken down into three elements:

“What it Was:” – This was the original price of the product when it was first released

“In Today’s Dollars:” – Using the Consumer Price Index inflation calculator, you can see the equivalent price of the product if it were released today.

“Now:” – This is the price of the most comparable product that is available today

View the presentation as a slideshow:

The iPod Classic:

iPod Classic | Bplans Blog

The Motorola DynaTac 8000X:

Motorola DynaTac 8000X | Bplans Blog

The EPSON HX-20:

EPSON HX-20 | Bplans Blog

The Ford Model T:

Ford Model T | Bplans Blog

The Magnavox Odyssey:

Magnavox Odyssey | Bplans Blog

The Argus A Camera:

Argus A Camera | Bplans Blog

A McDonald’s Burger and Fries:

McDonald's | Bplans Blog

The Olivetti Programma 101:

Olivetti Programma 101 | Bplans Blog

A Delta Airlines ticket:

Delta Airlines | Bplans Blog

The RCA TRK-12:

RCA TRK-12 | Bplans Blog

The Maytag “Gyrafoam” Washer:

MayTag Gyrafoam Washer | Bplans Blog

The White Cross Electric Hair Dryer:

White Cross Electric Hair Dryer | Bplans Blog

What product’s original price surprises you the most? Is there a product today that you think is overpriced?
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