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If you’re an entrepreneur who has recently launched a SaaS business, you’ll know that there are plenty of educational resources out there—so many that you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.

To help cut through the clutter, I turned to an expert: Noah Parsons, a SaaS-industry veteran himself several times over and our COO here at Palo Alto Software.

Here are our recommendations for invaluable resources to help you learn, stay informed, and grow your SaaS business successfully.

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Startups for the Rest of Us
Hosted by Mike Taber and Rob Walling (who have over 20 years’ combined experience in the industry), this podcast covers their experiences, the stories of other successful founders, and (sometimes most importantly) discusses what to avoid doing.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material? Start with their greatest hits list.

Andreessen Horowitz’s “You Bet Your SaaS!” Podcast Series
Andreessen Horowitz, of (more on them in a minute), hosts this SaaS-specific podcast that touches on the industry at large.

“You Bet Your SaaS” is a good complement to “Startups for the Rest of Us”; while the former focuses more on a macro-level look at the industry, the latter is more focused on individual entrepreneurs’ stories, successes, and blunders.

Ramp Podcast from InsightSquared
If you want an analytics-focused podcast, look no further than the Ramp podcast. Featuring interviews with industry experts, Ramp offers a deep-dive into the data end of running a SaaS business.

Gimlet’s StartUp Podcast
While not strictly focused on software, the Gimlet StartUp podcast is worth a listen. With a slightly offbeat podcast format, Gimlet offers a look into the starting process from a fresh perspective.

The first two seasons focus on ongoing story lines, following the startup process for individual companies across the span of the entire season. The third season varies slightly, looking at one startup per episode.

Communities and networking

If you’ve always wished there was a Reddit-style community for entrepreneurs in the SaaS space, you’ll love Growthhackers.

This free community features a very Reddit-esque upvote-downvote-style format, the ability to post questions and interact, and even expert AMAs (which stands for “ask me anything,” for those who’ve somehow escaped interaction with Reddit thus far).
If you have questions related to inbound marketing, or would like to interact with other professionals in that space, is your new go-to.

In addition, check out the originals section for some great articles written by the team.

Blogs and further reading
Entrepreneurs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz have put together some truly invaluable resources for those in the SaaS community. This encompasses their podcast (featured above) and the advice and how-to section of their site, where you’ll find articles on everything from financing your startup to company culture.

Additionally, be sure to check out their tech topics page, for more big-picture articles on the industry itself.

If you’re a fan of following the success journey of a company, check out the Groove blog. The makers of a help desk software by the same name, their blog focuses on their journey to $500,000 in monthly revenue.

Price Intelligently
Price Intelligently focuses, unsurprisingly, on pricing strategies within the SaaS sector, both with the service they offer and on their blog. Their data-driven articles on pricing strategy will be most helpful to those interested in getting the most value out of their service—so, pretty much everyone.

No matter what stage of the startup process you find yourself in, there’s a SaaStr Academy section dedicated to it. The site breaks up content into categories like “early” (for very early-stage businesses), “growth,” “scale,” and “exit,” with tons of information on each stage of the process.

Kissmetrics Blog
Kissmetrics should be your go-to if you’re interested in (you guessed it) metrics. Not only do they put out some really great articles, but their selection of infographics and webinars really sets them apart.

If you’re wondering where to start beyond their main blog feed, check out the Kissmetrics Academy, which organizes content by topics like the basics of analytics and conversion rate optimization.

Sixteen Ventures
If you’re looking for a blog with a focus on acquiring and retaining customers, you should be familiar with Sixteen Ventures. This blog, run by industry veteran Lincoln Murphy, focuses on the customer lifecycle and how to best optimize customer acquisition and retention.

Check out the 20 most popular articles to get started.

Tomasz Tunguz
Venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz blog focuses on the startup experience, including discussion of areas like culture, pricing, funding, and content marketing.

To start, check out his SaaS-specific posts—it’s an extensive list, and you’re sure to learn a lot.

SaaScribe could be considered a one-stop shop for SaaS-related content. The media hub, created by entrepreneur Alex Theuma, began as a place to share information, learn, and network within the industry.

You’ll find a podcast, informative videos, a members-only community page, and more.

A Smart Bear Blog
Bringing a bit of levity to the SaaS space is Jason Cohen’s A Smart Bear blog, which focuses on marketing and other startup “geekery.” With plenty of SaaS-industry experience under his belt (and after selling his company for millions), this blog is a great all-around informative, fun resource.

InsightSquared’s Top SaaS Sales Blogs
Cheating? Maybe—I’ve included a resource list within a resource list. However, this list by InsightSquared contains much more than just a couple blogs. In addition, it lists notable entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the field (tip—follow them on Twitter!), useful apps, and a whole lot more.

For more ways to take your SaaS business to new heights, be sure to also check out our article, Boost Your SaaS Business Revenue With These 12 Strategies. If you’re new to the game and itching to get started, you might want to try our in-depth how-to guide, The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Software Company.

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