(Note: this is awkward. The list I linked to is down. I’ve emailed onlineuniversities asking about it, but in the meantime, it’s just not there. Damn. I’ve checked back at the TED site, hoping to provide a quick fix, and there does seem to be a good match with TED’s Not Business As Usual theme. You can click here to go there directly. )

My thanks to the folks at onlineuniversities.com for this list of 20 Excellent TED Talks for Small Business OwnersI’m a believer in the TED talks as the best of the best, and this is a good list. And my thanks as well to Steve King of SmallBizLabs for pointing it out in his post last Friday.

There are several there that I’ve posted about or mentioned before in my own blogging, and one that I disagreed with, but so what: I disagree with a lot of smart opinions. Certainly it’s an excellent resource.

It makes me think of how valuable this list might be for all of those people who are already or want to be business owners. I’m adding it to my list of recommended resources for my online curriculum in starting and growing a business.

Some of my favorites:

Tim BerryTim Berry

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