I don’t have the resources to do this one, but if you do, e-mail me: I’d like to buy it. And maybe it already exists . . . if so, please add that in the comments.

I want three add-ons for Google Docs:

1. A “blog this with Google Docs” add-on.

In Firefox or Internet Explorer for Windows I use different add-ons that let me click from a web page to start a new blog post, using Windows Live Writer. In Firefox and Safari on my Mac, I have a similar “Post with MarsEdit” javascript bookmark that lets me click to start a new post with the MarsEdit blog editor software.

2. A “post to blog” feature in Google Docs.

I like the way Windows Live Writer (on Windows) and MarsEdit (on the Mac) let me edit posts in a single editor environment, then post to the various blogs automatically. I wish I could do that in Google Docs. I’d really use an add-on to Google Docs that lets me do the same thing. I’d set up the various blogs I post to, programmed automatically with user names and passwords, so I can post simply and easily from my Google Docs to my blogs. Word for Windows has something like that, too.

3. Opening Windows Word docs with Google Docs by default.

I want a simple way to tell my Windows 7 operating system, on my Windows computer, to open a Microsoft Word document attached to an e-mail using Google Docs and Gears, by default. I like Word, but I’ve given up getting it to work on my system. Our IT expert spent a couple of weeks with it, installing and reinstalling and all, but it just doesn’t work for me.

So like I say, maybe these already exist, and I just don’t know it. And maybe they’d end up being free bait for some larger for-pay web app or installed application. I like to think many business ideas are about building things that people want to use.

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