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Are you tired of being a “wantrepreneur”?

What if you could get all your entrepreneurial questions answered—along with questions you haven’t even encountered yet?

Udemy offers a course entitled “How to Start a Business: Business Ideas to Success” that does just that.

The course is a unique, full-scale answer to questions asked by over 300,000 first-time entrepreneurs like yourself. Course creator Alex Genadinik compiled questions asked throughout his own Problemio business apps and set out to thoroughly answer them in this course.

Not only has Genadinik’s course helped over 19,000 students begin their business, he’s an entrepreneur making over $100K a year. As a three-time best-selling Amazon author and the host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube, his advice is highly sought-after.

Here are a few business-building tips Alex expands on in his course:

  • Know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. If you’ve ever felt unsure of what that “next step” is, start by building a solid plan—and sticking with it.
  • Stay on track and build momentum. Learn how to stop procrastinating by establishing helpful habits.
  • Figure out what’s holding you back. Discover how to build focus—it’s the key to business strategy.
  • Build and maintain confidence. The secret behind every successful entrepreneur is the ability to make confident decisions.

It’s time to step forward and build your business. Move from initial planning stages, through launch, and on to success as you bring your idea to reality.

Containing over five hours of video content, this course covers:

  • How to come up with business ideas and pitch them
  • How to protect intellectual property
  • Writing a business plan
  • How to develop a marketing plan and understanding of your target market
  • 10 very different ways to raise money for your business
  • How to continually improve and evolve your business

This online course comes alive with personal help from the instructor himself. As a student, you can join course discussions and even get answers to your unique questions through private messages with Genadinik.

If you’re in the early stages of starting a business and need a little more direction, this course will prove to be a valuable investment.


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