Cutaway of Plant Growing in Dirt The purpose of this post is not to convince you to go organic the way you might think …

Just because I’m from Oregon and live next to the Cooper Vineyards and own a community garden plot does not make me an organic poster boy. Okay! Maybe it does, but…

I believe that we as small business owners can learn some organic marketing lessons from the organic business sector.

Here are my Duct Tape Marketing Coach 5 Organic Marketing Lessons:

1. Be authentic. Execute on what you believe and invite people who share your belief to become and remain your customer.

2. Have confidence to be a polarizing niche. Our business world is littered with small business owners who all have the same features and benefits and therefore people can’t tell them apart. The dude who purchases groceries at Wal Mart is more than likely not going to grow and eat his own produce.

3. Higher cost, but higher price. I will pay a ridiculous amount of money for baby sweet carrots for my kids. Our kids are learning conscious food choices. They no longer believe fruit rollups are part of the USDA fruit pyramid. Organic diehards will not bat an eye and pay $3.25 for the right organic asparagus. I find the same is true of my clients who believe I’m offering what is best and they are willing to pay.

4. Build a community vs. customers.

5. Viral marketing. I don’t know anything about biodynamics (Cooper Vineyards), but I swear their Pinot Gris makes me tell the same story over and over again at our frequent neighborhood supper club gatherings. It could be just the wine flowing and talking…

What are the question(s) you may ask what you can learn from having an organic approach to business?


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The BIG Blog guest author, Matthew Scott, is founder and CEO of The Life’s Work Group and a Duct Tape Marketing Coach.