I don’t know that anybody is arguing this point anymore, but I thought I would pass on this Mashable post from yesterday titled 5 Reasons Why Twitter’s Growth Cannot Be Stopped. This is pretty much a given in our constantly changing business environment. Not that every company must necessarily restructure its strategy to accommodate Twitter, but certainly, if you’re operating in the world of startups and small business, it’s foolish to ignore a trend this size.

1. Consistent Growth.

Post author Vadim Lavrusik uses the chart here to show how Twitter.com’s unique visitors have grown from about 2 million to about 20 million per month in this year alone. That’s astounding growth.

Twitter Growth

2. Big companies jumping on the bandwagon.

“54 percent of the companies have a Twitter presence and for the companies that use only one social media platform, 76 percent of them use Twitter as their preferred choice.”

3. Number One Most Social Brand

Social Radar ranked Twitter number one for June and July.

“Social Radar analyzes the Web to see what brands are mentioned most by unique sources. This includes blogs, other social networks, forums, etc. The analysis includes brands, not just social networks. Facebookis at number 4, with the iPhone and Googleat number 3 and 4, respectively.”

4. Millions in Free Media Coverage

Twitter received $48 million worth in media coverage in 30 days, according to Ad Age, which also notes that the figure is about half of what Microsoft plans to spend on marketing Bing.”

5. Continued Growth Internationally

“Right now, about 55 percent of the audience is international, according to comScore. This number too will continue to grow.”

Tim BerryTim Berry

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