If you’re interested in startups, especially working with one, you should read 17 Simple Tips On Working At A Startup, posted in LinkedIn by Dharmesh Shaw of the very popular Hubspot and the onstartups.com blog.

Dharmesh Shah 17 tips on working with a startup

I’ll let the link here take you to his full list. But here are some of my five favorites (with their original numbers from Dharmesh’ post… and one bonus tip, because there are six here):

1. If the value of the education does not exceed the value of the salary you’re getting, you’re doing something wrong, or you’re in the wrong company.

6. Don’t expect to have a real “manager”. If you want or need a boss, work for a big company.

7. If you’re not helping build something you think you’ll be proud of, it’s not worth it. Life is short.

6. Learn to balance risk. Working for all equity or all cash is not likely the right answer.

8. Be informed. Learn the basics of things like shares, options, vesting schedules, dilution and taxes.

9. Remember that the number of options you get means nothing. It depends on how many shares are outstanding — and the “strike price” you are getting. Ask questions when you don’t understand things. Great startups encourage questions, they don’t exploit ignorance.

Not that these are the only ones from his list I liked … he also advises you should have fun, and pay attention, because you’ll be wanting to start your own some day. And some other good ones. In fact, of the 17, there were only a couple I didn’t really like. And I’m not saying here which ones.


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