Here’s a quick test of your entrepreneurial mettle: Would you like to pitch your company to a high-powered audience of investors, journalists and, generally speaking, techies? If not, keep your day job.

The chance to pitch– along with a stage and an audience–was the prize Tuesday for five selected startups at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

I wasn’t there, but I read about it in Five Startups Take Flight At Web 2.0 LaunchPad yesterday on TechCrunch. Jason Kincaid offers a short explanation of each of the five startups, plus–a very nice touch–a sample of the questions and answers.

The Q&As are brief summaries, but they do have a nice feel to them. How do you like this one, as ZeaLOG answers a question about generating leads for its Web app–tracking progress toward personal goals:

What seems to happen is natural virality; people will show it to coworkers, spouse. People seem to come in groups.

Now there’s a great term: virality. Does your Web startup offer virality? And if you can’t guess immediately what that means, you could pick up a book by Seth Godin, or read it in the second half of the sentence.

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