I just came across this great blog: Merlin’s List of Five Things

If you are looking for a fun Friday read check it out.
For example:

5 subtle changes in the event Microsoft Acquires Yahoo!:

  1. your Flickr.com photos are still your own (although human faces are now obscured by selected partner company logos)
  2. owing to unavoidable data corruption, all Upcoming.org events must be reinstalled monthly
  3. following upgrade to Vista, clicking  del.icio.us links now requires 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB drive space (per link)
  4. Jerry Yang now compelled to “do that funny MC Hammer dance” whenever Ballmer’s meds start wearing off
  5. folksy motto tweaked to “If You Ever Want to See That Pretty Family of Yours Again, You Damned Straight Better F**ing Yahoo!

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