If you run a small business, you most likely have started using social media. If you find that it isn’t working out like you hoped, this may be the result of lack of interaction with your followers and customers.

Here are five easy ways to improve your social media engagement:

1. Pinterest: create a group board

The first tip is related to using Pinterest. Pinterest, as you probably know, is a virtual pinboarding site. Users add a number of different images, or “pins,” including food and recipes, craft ideas, products, artwork, clothing and funny sayings. As a business, it is a great way to promote new products, tutorials and blog posts. To engage with others on Pinterest, start by creating a themed board on your account and inviting others to add pins to it. This lets you collaborate with others following the same interests.

2. Facebook: start highlighting your employees

Facebook is the most used social media site, very close behind Twitter. You absolutely should have a Facebook fan page for your business. One great way to improve your engagement with fans on Facebook is by highlighting your employees. It helps when your fans get an inside look into your business, such as showing what your employees are up to. Ask employees to share stories or personal photographs on the page.

3. Twitter: give glimpses into your office

To improve your engagement with followers on Twitter, start being more personal. You don’t need to share what you had for breakfast, but you can add a personal touch to your updates and the replies you leave on other status updates. Some ideas include shooting a video during your weekend and adding it to Twitter or sharing a funny story about something occurring within your business office. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality with your business Twitter account.

4. LinkedIn: join and promote groups

LinkedIn is a great way to network for similar businesses in your same industry, other business professionals and potential clients. Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your business or niche market, and begin participating in the groups. You can have the groups featured on your company LinkedIn page, to show where you are involved.

5. Foursquare: engage with customers who leave reviews

Foursquare is a site many business owners forget to use. Don’t just submit your website or business and leave it up to your customers to check-in. You should be engaging with people who are checking in to your business using Foursquare. You can use the site to answer questions or feedback, address concerns, and even add tips. If your business isn’t on Foursquare, it is highly recommended you add it. The app and site are becoming more prevalent now with the recent updates to the site.

Social media engagement is one of many ways you can improve your branding capabilities and the success of your business.

Utilize its benefits by not only promoting your business, but interacting with your customers and clients.


AvatarTina Samuels

Tina Samuels writes for many small business websites including Reputation.com.