In Social Media, as in Fantasy Football, you can’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are. Each requires planning, strategy, and passion. Here are the top 8 reasons your social media strategy is like your NFL Fantasy Football draft.

1. You’ve Got Your Superstars


Facebook? Psh. Five bucks says I got more retweets than your likes.”

If you work in social media, it’s possible you’ve made that very same bet. As in fantasy Football, you know your go-to picks. Got a new funny cat photo? Standby Facebook and Pinterest. Draft day is here? You’ve got dibs on Kaepernick and Lynch. Just make sure you don’t overlook the other players, G+ and Eli could take off at any moment (my bet’s on Eli).

2. Meetings Can Get a Little Heated


“The Oxford Comma is like Roethlisberger… #Overrated”

Let’s not even get started on the Oxford Comma debate. It’s sparked rivalries and maybe even made an intern or two cry in the past… Just kidding. We love our interns.  The point is, we will go to the grass for our fave grammatical rules and QB’s, but sometimes, it’s best to accept that everyone has a different preference. Besides, if we all wanted Roethlisberger, you’d have to pay premium for him. Then you’d have no money left for Lynch (the horror).

3. You’re Always Appalled When a Pic(k) Doesn’t Work Out


“What?! A twerking Miley goes viral on Buzzfeed and I can’t even get 50 likes for my hipster cat? Must be rigged.”

It’s not rigged. Determining how your picks will do throughout the season is a guessing game. Much like your Fantasy draft, you’re choosing players (or posts) that have done well in the past. Which is really the best you can do, but every once in a while, an underdog sneaks in a steals the show.

4. You Sometimes Underestimate the Underdog


“My article on Google+ got over 100 +1’s? Since when is G+ such a pro?”

Speaking of the underdog, remember that company profile you started on Google+, but then abandoned? It’s gaining some serious SEO and making you look like a boss. It’s easy to overlook the underdogs, but when they become star of team, you’ll wish you’d taken the chance on them.

5. You Obsess About Your Strategy Late Into The Night

Crosby or Prater, Crosby or Prater… Oh who knows. Can’t I just play them both?”

Your strategy can keep your brain going into the late hours of the night. If you’re like me, you probably have an internal debate on whether to post your best content at 9am or 3pm. If you’re West Coast, both make sense, but maybe not? Do East Coasters think dancing hamsters are as funny as I do? Or should it be a dancing pigeon? Which is more optimal? The world may never know…

6. Your Strategy Often Involves a Crafty Hashtag


“We are definitely going to the playoffs this year!!! #2Quick4Vick”

Depending on your game plan, you’ve probably got a pretty sweet hashtag going. The purpose of your hashtag is to convey a strong message in few words. Not only this, but also to be more easily searchable, leading you to brand victory. #ViralSpiral

7. You Get Really Defensive When Someone Insults Your #


“So you think #18 can’t carry Denver this year? Well I think I hate you.”

Whether we’re talking hashtags or jersey numbers, you will fight to the death to defend your favorite. Now, I’m not saying Tebow was a bad pick, but maybe take a second to step back and survey the decision from an outsider perspective – no one is using him, and no one is using your hashtag. #NotAThing

8. You’ve Got a Victory Dance For The SM And FF Wins 



When one of your drafts does really well, you can’t hide how excited you are. Dance it out my friend, dance it out.


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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick

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