entrepreneur working on laptop in office thinking through the need to write a business plan

14 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

By Chris Starkhagen

Do you really need a business plan to start a business? Read on for fourteen reasons why writing a business plan is worth your time. Read more »

Employees working in kitchen cutting vegetables and prepping for the day

How to Forecast Personnel Costs in 3 Steps

By Noah Parsons

A personnel forecast is all about planning for the people you employ to help run your business. Here's how to create your first forecast in just three steps. Read more »

Female entrepreneur exploring how much money she should personally bring into her business.

How Much Should You Personally Cover for Startup Costs?

By David Siemer

How much money should you use from savings to cover startup costs for your business? Here's how to calculate how much you should personally invest. Read more »

Entrepreneur working with heavy equipment which needs business insurance to cover physical liability

5 Key Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs Insurance

By Parker Bowring

Insurance is often required by law. Read the other 4 small business insurance benefits and how they protect your business from expensive claims. Read more »

Female entrepreneur reviewing financial statements on her laptop. Taking notes and looking for opportunities.

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Financial Management

By Dr. Anthony Decoste

Managing and analyzing your business finances doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Check out these tips to help you better manage your business finances. Read more »

Male entrepreneur planning out the need for an executive team

When Should a Small Business Hire an Executive Team?

By Maxime Croll

When is the right time to hire an executive team? Let's explore the potential roles, how to determine the right time, and how to hire for business growth. Read more »

Female entrepreneur reviewing financials to determine what benefits should be provided for her employees.

6 Best Practices to Set Up an ESOP for Your Business

By Colin McCrea

Are you considering creating an ESOP for your business? Learn how to determine if it works for your business and a few best practices to start an ESOP. Read more »

Entrepreneur in a wood working shop, working through the necessary steps to start a business

14 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

By Kody Wirth

Are you starting a business? You’ll need more than a good idea. Check out these expert-driven tips for starting a business to improve your chances of success. Read more »

Female entrepreneur working on improving her online business presence

10 Steps to Protect and Manage Your Small Business Reputation Online

By Lyle Solomon

How do you protect and improve your online reputation? Let’s explore 10 steps you can take to easily manage and improve your business reputation online. Read more »

Female entrepreneur working on an airbnb listing to start her own airbnb business

How to Write an Airbnb Business Plan + Free PDF Template

By Makenna Crocker

Starting a vacation rental business through Airbnb? You'll need a business plan to do it. Read on to learn how to create an Airbnb business plan. Read more »

Entrepreneur reviewing pitch deck on computer, considering why they were rejected by an investor

How to Handle Business Rejection by Investors in 10 Steps

By Tim Berry

Are you pursuing funding and unable to convince investors? Learn how to handle business rejection and better prepare your business to pitch to investors. Read more »

entrepreneur exploring the legal requirements necessary to start a business

13 Critical Small Business Legal Requirements to Start a Business

By Karoki Githure

Looking to start a business? Have you completed all of the legal requirements? Here are 13 critical legal requirements you need to know. Read more »

business owner sitting in front of computer trying to optimize his website to engage investors and get funding.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Website to Attract Investors

By Mikel Bruce

Your website is often the first impression of your business, even for investors. Focus on these five things to ensure you connect with them. Read more »

small business owner who applied for a loan and had it rejected. Currently checking financial statements to try and reapply successfully.

9 Steps to Handle Business Loan Rejection

By Tim Berry

Did your lender reject your loan application? You’re not alone. Here are the nine steps to take to successfully reapply and get funding. Read more »

Female entrepreneur working on her business plan in her office. Attempting to decide if a single use or ongoing standing plan makes more sense.

6 Differences Between Single-Use and Standing Plans Explained

By Karoki Githure

What is the difference between single use plans and standing plans? Read on to find out when to use each business plan option. Read more »

male and female pottery business owners going through inventory and consulting their internal business plan

8 Steps to Write a Useful Internal Business Plan

By Noah Parsons

Learn how to write an internal business plan that you can use as an effective management tool to guide business growth. Read more »

Older female entrepreneur in her shop working on her business plan from a laptop

15 Ways to Use and Get Incredible Value From a Business Plan

By Tim Berry

Learn about the many ways you can use your business plan to successfully start, manage, grow, and fund your business. Read more »

young solopreneur working on woodworking project for his small business.

What is a Solopreneur? 6 Key Differences From Entrepreneurs

By Karoki Githure

Want to start a business on your own? Learn what it means to be a solopreneur, how it differs from entrepreneurship, and which route to take. Read more »

Young female entrepreneur exploring her business idea to see if she can start a business with no money.

7 Steps to Successfully Start a Business With No Money

By Karoki Githure

Is it possible to start a business with no money? Check out this proven process to get your business off the ground without spending a dime. Read more »

two security professional checking servers for backup

5 Critical Reasons Data Backup is Vital for Your Business

By David Glantz

Learn what data backup methods you can use and why backing up your data is vital for keeping your business secure and poised for growth. Read more »