I was browsing in Quora over the weekend–I like Quora a lot, questions and answers laid out conveniently–and stumbled on somebody asking for online startup pitches. One of the answers included a link to A dozen of the best start-up pitches on the web at JonBischke.com.

That’s a really good list, with some winners, some losers and some bad examples as well.

Also, the ZocDoc pitch, from a TechCrunch show of a few years ago. This is another good one. That came up on the same Quora question.

And I like the ones on the Forbes.com Boost Your Business site, too. You might start with the Zoc Doc pitch, to see how the pitch changed from the TechCrunch ZocDoc version pitch above to the Forbes Boost Your Business one here. ZocDoc won the contest in 2008. And Vetrasso, which came very close, is another good pitch on that site. You could compare those to last year’s winner, KSplice.

These are all good examples. If you’re looking to do a pitch, it would be a good idea to watch how others have done it.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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