The financial markets are normally the ones that lead us out of a recession and they may have the best handle to interpret what the Economic Stimulus Package really means and what it will do. Let’s face it, there are going to be certain industries that benefit from targeted tax reductions in billions of dollars of spending. You may be able to watch, what stocks change, what trends happen and where they start putting the money.

Opportunity AheadWhat kind of work might benefit from the influx of government spending? One example might be the plan advocated by T. Boone Pickens to push America towards energy independence.  Utilizing wind power and natural gas for setting a Pickens plan and other options should be a priority.  Maybe it would mean increased investment in alternative energy, despite the recent drop in crude and product prices.  The focus on making public buildings and schools more energy efficient is another area. Transportation, Communications technology and Healthcare infrastructure are widely anticipated to receive funding or tax breaks. There are also potential opportunities in a wide range of technology stocks that may benefit.

Look at your portfolio, not your stocks, but the companies you’re working with and see if their industry is realizing a direct benefit from the package. This might entice you to put some products launches on hold and accelerate other product launches that are centered on these particular industries. You may adjust your thinking about how to re-package a few of your products and exactly what industries to target.  Targeting your product launches into these industries and you will have the best chance of success.

So maybe, the next time when that person calls to give you some investment advice, you may not react so quickly to hang up the phone?

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