comScore says we spent 4% less time online last month, and when we were online we were working less and playing more:

Content categories showing gains in June were heavily leisure-oriented, including online gaming, travel, entertainment – movies and lotto/sweepstakes. But category gains were modest in a month in which the total number of Internet users decreased slightly and time spent online per user declined 4 percent.

comScore’s June Media Metrix report ranks top sites and categories by unique visitors, and tracks changes and patterns. They tracked about 189 million visits last month, down 1% from the month before. Google is still the top Web network, followed closely by Yahoo!, both with 140 million unique visitors. It takes more than 16 million unique visitors in a month to get into the top 50.

Top gainers for the month is a diverse group. Game show network,,, and world wrestling entertainment are among the leaders. Sounds frivolous enough, but then the top 10 gainers also included International Data Group and Dow Jones & Company as well.

Trends? Here’s the link again, maybe you’ll see trends that I don’t:
comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Properties for June 2008

Tim Berry
Palo Alto Software, Inc

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