A few weeks ago I blogged about customer service and I relayed an experience I had at the Eugene Track and Field Olympic Finals with Bank Of America. They were a sponsor and had a booth, and apparently were treating non-customers better than customers. Much to my amazement, on Friday I got a call from a customer service rep who had found my blog post and wanted to apologize for my bad experience. Can you believe it? It has given me a new-found respect for a large institutionalized bank. What a nice touch to personally reach out to me and apologize. I did not even contact them. Who knew that my blog posts would serve to help me get better served as a customer?

I want to commend Bank of America for spending time understanding new media, and reaching out to customers through this medium. Now I am wondering whether someone at BofA will begin following me on Twitter? I think that would just be too much! 😉

Sabrina Parsons aka Mommy CEO


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Sabrina has served as CEO of Palo Alto Software since 2007.