I’ve been following e-book readers and particularly the Amazon Kindle on this blog for several years now, for three reasons:

  1. I believe the transition from books to e-books is a leading indicator of a lot of related phenomena that threaten the printed-on-paper world but that offer a new, even bigger, world of printed-in-digital style.
  2. I like e-books and e-book readers myself. I’ve bought and used several.
  3. I really like my Kindle, but I like my Kindle on iPhone even better. And the combination of Kindle, Kindle on iPhone and Kindle on laptop is sensational. And today they gave me the Kindle for Mac app I need for my laptop.

This morning I get an e-mail from Amazon.com announcing the completion of the set that I’ve been wanting for a while now: the Kindle for Mac app. I downloaded it, installed it and checked its functionality. It’s all there.

Whether or not Kindle is the absolute best e-book reader, the combination of the Kindle account on several devices is sensational. I always have my latest book on my iPhone, and I read it when I get trapped somewhere with extra time, waiting for something. But it’s even better on my laptop. And I’ve tested the synchronization function; it works great. The new app on my Mac loaded the novel I’m reading and synchronized immediately to the last-read page.

I love this technology.

Kindle for Mac

Tim BerryTim Berry

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